Burke's Going to Alaska!!!

This video just got posted, this is so rad! My good homie and work buddy, was the first official winner of Rome's Ticket to Alaska! This is a North American wide contest, and he won for selling the most Rome gear in all of Canada and the States!! It's an all expenses paid trip to Alaska, where Rome flies you out and you spend a week shreddin and hangin with pro riders as they all come together to get some of the best terrain in the world! check out the site for more info here, Wooo!! So the other night pro Rome rider MFR (babe) and our rep Derrick, showed up at the back door with a big prize poster and confetti, and gave him the surprise of a lifetime. Beers and good times were had. It's all in the footage here.

[vimeo 20712304]

A big shout out to Tyler, if you've ever been in the shop I'm sure you've seen this guy, if not, next time you're in the dub give him a big high five!

Congrats again brudda! Stooooked CLASSIC WESTBEACH