Sunny Days in Grousepark

Unfortunately this year has not been the stormiest winter in 50 years. It has not been the La Nina season the weatherman promised us. We have not been skiing endless deep pow days. But you know what, that's ok with me. Thankfully the park crew has held it down and has continued to help the park stay better than it has ever been in previous seasons, and this season I've come to the realization that a sunny park day with your good friends can be just as great as a deep pow day. A recent sunny Saturday, a good portion of the old crew was in town and we had a damn good day riding a pristine jump line and the rails of Quik park. Shane Craver busted out his camera for a good portion of the day and came out with these stunners. I haven't had a decent shot of myself skiing for a couple of season, so it was nice to get down on the other side of the lens for once. Thanks Shaner, you did good work.

All photos taken by Shane Craver.