Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew Waring and this is my first year producing content for the grouse blog! I am exited to get this season going and to spend as much time as I possibly can up in the mountains. I am originally from Ontario and am currently going to school at Capilano University. I have been living in BC for 3 years, one in Whistler and two in Vancouver. My main passions are skiing and photography so I am happy to be able to combine the two using Grouse Park blog as an outlet. When I'm not in school you will see me in the mountains skiing, filming and generally having fun, because we live in an insane part of the world!

Here are a couple of clips from December in the Hike Park - One of the best parts about this set up is that you can re-learn all of those rusty tricks you may have lost from the summer. Perfectly mellow features to get tricks on, before taking them to bigger stuff. That’s it for now - see you up there.


[vimeo 34580587]