Park Update: Cut Line

Good morning,

For those that don’t know me already, my name is Marcus Cartwright. This is my 6th winter season at grouse. Couple things: If you haven’t been up since last week, there have been some changes to the Cut Line. We have two progressive lines at the moment that flow into the jump (L). Big shout outs to the park crew and park groomer.

We've also begun working on the Quiksilver park today, so the Side Cut will be on standby until further notice. Stay tuned to our announcements on Twitter for more. -MC

1st line goes a little something like this:

Flat Down Box (L) Red Mario Tube Rail set up on a flat (L) 20’ Fun Box (M) 25’ Down Box (M)

2nd line, is a rail line and goes like this:

20’ Down Flat bar (M) 20’ Flat Shotgun Rail (M) 20’ Down Shotgun Rail (M) “NEW” 32’ Elbow Kink Rail setup flat (L) 30’ Round Down Rail (L)