Grouse Park Playlist 3 - The Journey

Now that the holidays are over I am getting back into school and riding. I spent a lot of my time in December traveling. This Grouse Park Playlist is inspired by thinking about shredding while on the road. I spent 40 hours in a car from Calgary to southern Ontario in one long seamlessly never ending journey. This gave me plenty of time to reflect and go through my whole iPod, there were many songs that made me nostalgic of epic days on the mountain. I picked these songs in particular because they all have good vibes. While skiing and snowboarding there are many different styles of music to get into, and I am a fan of almost all music. When I'm not on the mountain these tracks seem like theme songs for the good days. They bring back all the good memories and in turn gets me hyped to go ride! It's hard to try and pick a playlist that is good for riding, as everyone gets down to something different. This collection of songs can at least convey a feeling that you can relate back to being on the mountain with friends. In my opinion, now that the snow is flying, the good times must be just around the corner. See you out there!

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