Ski Tracks App Review

"Dood I swear I was going 100kph on that last run." "No you weren't dood." Now, thanks to the Ski Tracks app for iPhone, this dispute can be settled easily. The Ski Tracks app for iPhone is an advanced GPS app that tracks and records many different stats while you are riding. Including; top speed, avg speed, total vertical feet, vertical feet per run, # of runs, where you ride and more. [caption id="attachment_5113" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="Ski Tracks & the Tracks Screen"][/caption]

Ski Tracks app

  • Cost: $1.99 or FREE for the Lite version
  • Cool Factor: Pretty Cool
  • Functional Factor: Very Good - you can track where you go so you can keep from getting lost
  • Freestyle Factor: Pretty Low - it doesn't track air time or rotations
  • Website:

[caption id="attachment_5115" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="If my freind Joe had this app a few years ago, he wouldn't have gotten lost, spent two nights off the back Cypress, and he would still have all his toes. "][/caption]

The interface is easy to use and the many functions are fun to play with. You can save different tracks from different mountains and view these tracks in either satellite, standard or track mode(which looks like sonar). The app can also be used to track how many park runs you get in a session and with the Altitude & Speed screen you can see when you picked up speed and when you slowed down graphed over the whole session(see image above). In 'Settings' you can toggle back and forth between metric and imperial so that you can review your elevation and vertical skied in feet and speed in kilometers. This is actually the one drawback to the app because Canadians tend to refer to height in feet and speed in kilometers and you cannot set each of these independently. The other drawback, mentioned earlier, is not tracking airtime, rotations or amount of time spend on rails. ;)

One of my favourite things to do with the app is Freeracing. Which is kinda like Freeskiing or Freestyling except its racing. Here is how you play:

  1. Get a group of friends together and download the Ski Tracks app
  2. Turn the app on
  3. Pick a run
  4. Race it*
  5. Pull out you iPhones at the bottom of the chairlift and see who clocked the top speed

[caption id="attachment_5114" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="Winner winner chicken dinner. Brad hit 98kph."][/caption]

*Grouse Mountain is making a concerted effort to promote safe skiing and boarding. So make sure you pick an appropriate run to race on.

Overall I give the Ski Tracks app 4 out 5 Highfives.