Throwback - Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is a bowse. He was one of the first guys to push it in freestyle snowboarding. He has one of the best methods out of any rider who has ever strapped in. Check out this these clips of some of his first snowboard movie parts in Project 6, Meltdown Project and TB2. I had Project 6 on VHS tape and played it over and over until it didn't play any more. I was studying his method to try and figure out how to do one as good as him. I still am. Short clip from Jamie's part in Project 6 circa 1994 - check out the headcam shots... he had to wear a back pack with the recorder in it!

Jamie in Melt Down Project circa 1995 - check out the dope method at 0:40

Jamie in TB2 circa 1992 - Jamie was known for shredding without gloves - look for 270 on at 1:19