Spring Slush Cruisin'

With the Park dialed and the sun out, it's the perfect time to get those spring laps in. This past Thursday I was lucky enough to get to film with some of the Nomis crew, Simon Chamberlain and Blair McKinney. I also met up with Zac Dolesky just as the clouds were rolling in, and we managed to get some bangers! Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/40503377

PS. Congrats to Ryan Rose and Family Tree the winners of the Quiksilver Filmmaker and Photo Showdown. Also big thanks to everyone who voted for me, my edit won Viewers Choice! You can check out my bail reel here.

That's all for now! -Andrew

Vote for Santos

[caption id="attachment_5520" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Vote for Santos"][/caption] The Filmmaker Showdown voting is now open. I've watched them all and my vote is with GrousePark.com blog web edit master Andrew Santos. Vote for Santos here.


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Oakley Night Jam!

For those who don't know, the most recent Oakley Night Jam went down Friday, March 2nd! There was a ton of swag given away by Oakley. Zac Dolesky took home a pair of custom Oakley goggles for Best Trick on the C-rail. Props to all the riders who came out for the jam!  Here is my edit from the night. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/38075213

The next jam will be Friday, March 16th. See ya there! -Andrew Santos

Throwback - Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is a bowse. He was one of the first guys to push it in freestyle snowboarding. He has one of the best methods out of any rider who has ever strapped in. Check out this these clips of some of his first snowboard movie parts in Project 6, Meltdown Project and TB2. I had Project 6 on VHS tape and played it over and over until it didn't play any more. I was studying his method to try and figure out how to do one as good as him. I still am. Short clip from Jamie's part in Project 6 circa 1994 - check out the headcam shots... he had to wear a back pack with the recorder in it!

Jamie in Melt Down Project circa 1995 - check out the dope method at 0:40

Jamie in TB2 circa 1992 - Jamie was known for shredding without gloves - look for 270 on at 1:19


Night Sesh!

Why not head up to Grouse for a Night Sesh? Here's an edit I threw together from a quick after school shred last Wednesday with Mike, Dylan, Logan, Shawn, and Ryan. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/37356822

PS. More snow is in the forecast and the Y2Play is Back! Check it out here for a killer deal on a seasons pass!

Peace! -Andrew

Cut Line Laps with Mike and Tomas

I got some laps in this week on the new Grouse Park Cut Line build.  With the sun out, it was time to take out the camera and get some shots. Riders in the edit are Michael Granger and Tomas Smythe. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to click the “HD” button. http://vimeo.com/34944209

Look out for the upcoming Oakley Night Jam on Friday January 13th.

See ya there!

Andrew Santos


Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew Waring and this is my first year producing content for the grouse blog! I am exited to get this season going and to spend as much time as I possibly can up in the mountains. I am originally from Ontario and am currently going to school at Capilano University. I have been living in BC for 3 years, one in Whistler and two in Vancouver. My main passions are skiing and photography so I am happy to be able to combine the two using Grouse Park blog as an outlet. When I'm not in school you will see me in the mountains skiing, filming and generally having fun, because we live in an insane part of the world!

Here are a couple of clips from December in the Hike Park - One of the best parts about this set up is that you can re-learn all of those rusty tricks you may have lost from the summer. Perfectly mellow features to get tricks on, before taking them to bigger stuff. That’s it for now - see you up there.


[vimeo 34580587]


Good to be Back

Hey everyone, my name is Jeremy Cox.  I have been involved with the Grouse Park blog for the past couple years, mainly focused on video.  If it's a sunny day and I am up the mountain chances are I will have my camera so feel free to say 'hi'!  Keep posted for, what I hope will be, some cool edits this season.  I got a couple lap's in with Zac Dolesky recently and here is a one run edit from the session. -Jeremy


Season Ender Bender

GrousePark, As you all know, Grouse has just about closed up shop for the season with one week left of riding!

Wanted to say that it was an awesome time getting to write for the park blog thanks to Grouse, the park crew, Oolar and the snow gods for making this season one of the best in a long time. I had a great time shredding Grouse riding with buddies and new buddies and stoked for more!

Make sure to get up for the last couple days, and if you can't make it up to ALL of the remaining days get up for CLOSING DAY, and wear something rad! Tell all friends Grouse is going to be firing!!!

Look out for hopefully a few more edits either from me or any other of the righteous team of bloggers.

P.S. Jake Blauvelt's Naturally series is one of the best I've seen in a while. Blauvelts riding style is ulike any other. Enjoy

[vimeo 20736315]

See you at the slush,


Spring Break Shake

Joy footage and Cut Stone productions have been killing it lately. Every single edit that has been coming from both of the crews have been sick, not to mention they are all shot on our local mountains. Here's their latest edit, Spring Break Shake. Check it out! [vimeo 21473419]

PS. Grouse has been getting tons of snow lately, and it's April! chyea.