Early Season Edit

Just a little edit filmed during a few days at Grouse before Christmas. Filmed by Sebastian Gerhard and edited by Patrick Rychter. Fun times. Enjoy! [vimeo 18774973]

Get stoked for the rebuild!


Seventeen Days

Hey guys, for some of you this post may be quite similar to one from a couple moths ago.  Anyway here is the final version of the time lapse project my friend and I have been working on.  Pretty much entirely diffferent from the original version.  The project was filmed over the 2010 Olympics in many various locations across Vancouver.  It was all filmed on the HVX - 200 in 2 fps and sped up in post.  Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment. [vimeo 10621698 500x333]

Thats all for now, check in later for a Whistler edit with Liam Casey and James Anderson.


Olympic Big Air: Forget Halfpipe, Start By Replacing Freestyle Aerials

As all freestyle events have come to a close and with the Olympics packed up and out of town, it is inevitable to hear the possibility of future ski pipe.  An article written by Derek Taylor brings a unique view to the future ski disciplines involved within the Olympics.

“While it seems almost a foregone conclusion that it will happen by 2018, if not 2014, I personally feel that would be a mistake.”

Newcomers to the topic may wonder how harm could come from the involvement of ‘newschool’ skiing, it is feared that like Aerials and Moguls ski pipe could become to judgmental essentially ruining the sport.

“Aerials and mogul—both once freewheeling, hot-dogging expressions of creativity—have become stagnant and un-evolving. Moguls only adapted 10 years ago because Jonny Moseley, the X Games, and the new freestyle movement essentially forced them to.”

The sports, that were once ‘carefree’ to say and solely based on having a good time have turned “stagnant.”

Moguls has been infiltrated and taken over by jocks; let’s face it: When, since Moseley, has moguls skiing had a champion who is a true ambassador of skiing? Jeremy Bloom is a football player and an underwear model, and Toby Dawson retired from skiing after winning bronze in 2006 in hopes of taking up golf.  Freestyle aerials, quite simply, has become a sad bastardization of gymnastics put to snow. Freestyle skiing was first recognized by FIS in 1979, and only given full-medal status in 1988. Considering the mass migration of athletes from traditional freestyle to the pipe in the late 90s, it’s apparent that it didn’t take long for FIS to ruin what Bob Burns, Wayne Wong, Eddie Lincoln, et al worked so hard to create. With that in mind, we should be very wary before we concede the pipe.”

To solve this ongoing issue Derek Taylor suggests that  “Rather than give up control of yet another discipline, lobby the IOC to give us back one that they have already ruined. In short, replace freestyle aerials with big air.”

However quite un reasonable, unfair and unaccommodating it is a interesting concept taking aerials ‘back to its roots’.

Like many of the Olympic sports they are extremely specialized.  For example bobsledding,  ski jumping and aerials.  The participation levels in a big air style contest infinitely larger.  How often does one even see a perfectly maintained 90 degree aerialist jump let alone be allowed to train on it.

“In order to participate in traditional freestyle aerials, you need to join a team, attend a special school, or sign up for a camp at places such as the Utah Olympic Park. Yet the majority of ski areas have terrain parks where anyone can learn big air. As a discipline, it is much more accessible to the common skier.  The sport has gotten so specialized; it only caters to people pursing that specialty. The scoring and rules are so regimented, there is little room to expand the degree of difficulty or innovate. The blame falls squarely on the FIS.”

To many Aerials can appear completely different to big air, don’t get me wrong it is quite however the difficulty and amount of rotations are quite similar.

“They are performing three flips and up to five rotations per trick. However, they are taking off forwards and landing forwards on all tricks. And the basics are still the same: setting and resetting rotations.  Bobby Brown’s gold-medal winning tricks at the Winter X Games featured two inversions and four rotations. T.J. Schiller’s perfect score features two inversions and four and a half rotations.

[ youtube 5L2Zdaq9PA0]

The progression in X – games this year’s contrasts that of Aerials.   A great example of how stale Aerials has become can be demonstrated by seemingly insignificant progression

The winning trick in this year’s Olympics might feature one more rotation than Bergoust had 12 years ago. There’s no guarantee that FIS won’t screw up big air the way they messed up aerials. But by replacing aerials with big air, they are at least hitting the reset button. And in 10 years, if they’ve managed to not screw the pooch this time, then we should trust them with half pipe.”

For the full article check out Powder Magazine

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Vancouver 2010 Lifestyle Footage

Over the Olympic break, I have not only had the oppurtunity to film sports but some lifestyle footage from downtown.  Below are a couple of the shots I have been working on,  along side Andrew Lee.  The plan is to create a film showing the spirit of Vancouver, especially within the 2010 Olympics as many of you have witnessed. [vimeo 9807455 560x375]


Grouse Park Olympic Edit

With the Olympics wrapping up and the gold medals building up, it is apparent we are well on our way to making Canadian history.  For me the Olympics have been very busy thus the late release of this edit, which was filmed within the first week of the Olympics in the re - designed cut park.  With a couple hours of filming with  Shayan, Jason, Corey and Quentin, I was able to come out with this edit.  Unlike many others, I tried to make this one different, in this case through the teddy bear crisis style rider/timelapse.  If your not sure what I mean check it out for yourself. [vimeo 9797417 500x333]


Oakley Safehouse: The Olympics Best Kept Secret

Millions of people have walked by the Oakley Safehouse in the past two weeks and haven't even realised that one of the more fun places to be during the games has been a mere steps away from them.  True to the title, the Safehouse is one heck of a beast to get into.  However, given the fact that Oakley is one of our major mountain sponsors, I was able to get in this afternoon with fellow blogger and friend, Hamish Baxter.  The layout of the Safehouse is pretty straight forward.  It's a super casual environment, with couches, plenty of TVs, a snack bar and little kitchen in the back for lunch sandwiches and drinks.  Hamish and I spent the afternoon watching the men's hockey semis (BLAOWout), and just keeping it mellow.  The staff was super awesome, made us feel right at home and even served us a delicious lunch of pulled pork awesomeness.  After lunch, I had the opportunity to add a little personal flare to my Oakley/Grouse Mountain Colab Crowbars and got the outriggers changed from white to gold.  The gold on black combination looks super dope.  I couldn't get the strap changed to Olympic edition straps because those were reserved for the athletes, but I'm stoked on these Crowbars.  New gold lens and I'm good to go.  Here a few pictures from the day. [caption id="attachment_3614" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption=" "]Oakley Safehouse Bar[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3617" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Totems signed by all the athletes"]Totems signed by all the athletes[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3618" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="The super duper staff that got us lunch."]The super duper staff that got us lunch.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3615" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Getting my goggles fitted with gold. They don't usually do gold, but they pulled in a huge favour for me. Stoked!"]Getting my goggles fitted with gold.  They don't usually do gold, but they pulled in a huge favour for me. Stoked![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3616" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Voila! Almost fully blinged."]Voila! Almost fully blinged.[/caption]

Monster Energy: Live Transmission

Live Transmission2 copy Altitudes Bistro at Grouse Mountain will be the place to be on Wednesday evening.  Monster Energy is dropping Live Transmission:  A Halfpipe Viewing Event which will be airing the broadcast of the Olympic Halfpipe event on 8 50" screens.  This will be one of the biggest industry events in Vancouver during the games and will be followed by Kid Sister, DJ Fashen and many more.  It's gonna be hotter than your prom night.

While this is a private event, the halfpipe event will also be broadcasted in the theatre downstairs for the general public.

Canada Takes Home First Gold

The drought is over.  After 33 years, 7 months and 2 Olympic games, Canada has won its first gold on Canadian soil.  Freestyle skier, Alexandre Bolideau beat out heavy favourite and former Canadian skier, Dale Begg-Smith to take home gold in Men's Moguls on Cypress Mountain tonight.  This calls for a celebration.  Downtown is going off, get out there and visit some of the team houses!  I'll be sleeping, too many late nights already. [caption id="attachment_3551" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Canadian Moguls Gold medallist, Alexandre Bilodeau"]Canadian Moguls Gold medallist, Alexandre Bilodeau[/caption]

Rainy Laps with Shaun White

With the whole public relations and media hype around the Olympics, it has been a while since some of the athletes have been able to do what they came here to do.  Last night, US National Halfpipe team rider Shaun White, coach Bud Keene and friends Gabe and Kevin came up to Grouse Mountain so that they could get back on snow after having not ridden for almost a week.  The conditions weren't too bad, the rain was there, but visibility was good, and thanks to our  new Grouse Mountain Oakley Crowbars, Chuck and I were able to see without having to deal with foggy goggles.  Stay posted for a segment introducing you to these goggles, they're sick. We got up to the top around 8pm and took a lap through the park on Cut, then head up on the Peak chair to Peak face, dropping in on some side hits.  Shaun then ducked into the skicross drop in before we cut in to Expo.  Next up was a lap around Heaven's Sake, back into Expo and a couple more runs down Peak before heading in.  The mission to get back on snow, get warmed and have some fun was a pretty big success.  Big ups to Jeff Silcock for helping us out with this one.

[caption id="attachment_3556" align="aligncenter" width="514" caption=" "]Us Olympic Shaun White[/caption]

We've got a lot more Olympic content you won't find anywhere else coming up, so keep it locked to Grousepark.com.

Sam Masih

Johnny Lyall Opens the Olympics

If you caught the opening ceremonies last night, you probably saw the opening snowboard sequence in the backcountry.  If you were wondering who exactly dropped in through the rings with that burly indy, it was Grouse Mountain's own Johnny Lyall.  With a little help from Katal Innovations, makers of the big air bag, Johnny was able to air through the Olympic rings and ride out onto the floor of BC Place with the eyes of a few billion people on him.  Here a picture from Matt Houghton's blog on Push.ca. [caption id="attachment_3530" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption=" "] [/caption]

Atta boy, J-Bone!  Hope you're having a good time in Barcelona.

Olympic Torch Comes to Grouse Mountain

Yesterday, the Olympic Torch Relay made it's way through North Vancouver and to the top of Grouse Mountain.  The flame came up on top of the Skyride in the hands of Canadian National Halfpipe team rider, Justin Lamoureux.  To mark the occasion, a torch snow sculpture was also made, visible right as you go over the second tower.  Here are a couple pictures. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="548" caption=" "][/caption]

In other news, it was snowing pretty hard up there, and actually felt like winter.  Here's to hoping it doesn't rain and crush all hopes.



Fight for Silver and Bronze

With less than a month to go till the Olympic halfpipe event, it seems like Olympic gold has already been decided before the torch even reaches Vancouver. Shaun White threw down a Double McTwist 12 in practice at the Grand Prix. Given that he doesn't fall, come February, the race won't be for gold. It'll be a duel for runner up. [youtube CHUMoFcZgJ0 500x333]