Quiksilver Showdown Over The City - View from the Beer Garden.

They Take VISA!

This years Quiksilver Showdown Over the City was an amazing first taste of sunny spring. The new location for the course lead to a perfectly situated spectators area. Knowing that the photographers and videographers showdowns would provide extensive coverage of the event, I took it too the beer garden to see who was hangin'.. Luisa Jeffery celebrates the fact the beer garden takes visa!

 Snowboard Canada - Ralph Dammon

Snowboard Canada photographer Ralph Dammon on the scene getting the shot.

DCs Logan Haubrich

Always nice to see DC's Logan Haubrich

Matts Kuli
 8mile Johnny Lyall & Quiksilvers Dario Phillips

8mile's Johnny Lyall + Quiksilver's Dario Phillips know they have two hands for a reason.


This guy is hyped.

 Street To Slopes
 Chris Dufficy enjoying the sun
DCs Jody Wachniak + Quiksilvers Matt Belzile

Some good lookin spring boardin style. Still got it: Chris Dufficy DC's Jody Wachniak + Quiksilver's Matt Belzille enjoy the day off from filming.

 Jon Versteeg takes the cash

Jon Versteeg wins promising 15% to the after party tab.

peak seasons Steph Weber

Steph Weber at the peak of her season.

 Caley Vanular & Luisa Jeffery

Caley Vanular and Luisa Jeffery date laps.

Chris Brown getting the shot

Jack of all trades: Chris Brown

 quikk bite to eat
 Judging Brad Broughton

Altitudes Apres - Ending the day off right.. Brad Broughton knows how to judge what's good. Beer-utifullll day.


Mikey Rencz goes to Grouse!

Rencz likes to come down to Grouse once in a while to do a few laps. Beauty day to be on the slopes. Boarding in May. You wouldn't normally see Mikey on the rails but this day he was feeling lips slides all over the place. Pole Jam on route to ceasers and appies! Happiest guy in Altitudes bistro... enjoying some bruschetta. Oh ya... and the view was perfect like always!

Endeavor Night shoot at Grouse

Went up to Grouse in April to shoot some photos for the new Endeavor ad. It ended up being winter still but the jump worked out well. Fun hang! We had the snowmobile shuttling us and we got to wear a sweet helmet The jump Night gang Serfas's gear getting caked in snow Iphones, appies, and beer! Look out for the photos next season!

Quiksilver Showdown Over the City

With the city in view, the Quiksilver Showdown ran full-blast last Sunday. All riders were throwing down and out of the many competitors, the results came down to Zach Stone landing the Best trick, Bobby Balharry placing third, Jeremy Cloutier placing 2nd and Eric Willet with the win. With my t2i in hand and riders throwing down, I was stoked to get to film these guys.  Check out the edit!


Dirty Stache Sunshine Sesh

Grouse Team rider Tamo Campos and the brawgs have been shreddin Grouse religiously recently, it's the spot to ride when they're not traveling around in the party van! If you haven't noticed this beast of a van in the parking lot take a closer look next time, trust me you won't miss it, its the ultimate road tripper. Even go check it out, it'll be the one with all doors open pumping Marley and if you're lucky you can hook up a Dirt special (Lucky Lager and some KD) for $4  and hang out with the bro's.

Anyways, they put together a banger edit, and it's good times.

Here's the Rusty Van blog! This site is a packed with so much good stuff (my personal favorite is their latest Interior trip edit) so stay up on it!!! www.dirtystashes.com

My View

The park up at Grouse has been really fun recently. I have done a few laps with my GoPro camera and some of the freeze frames look pretty cool. Here are a few and more to come from the next time i'm up. fs 3 bs 1 meth... obvi

Voleurz' Look on the Bright Side

Last season I spent most of my time filming with the craziness that is the Voleurz family.  I had an awesome time as well as met some amazing people, in the end we came up with this little video for people to enjoy.  Who says no to a free 40 minute movie?!?! If you skate, ski, board or just love crazy antics, then this film is for you... [vimeo 17087415]



Barry Hartman Edit

A quick update on my season so far: With January rolling in and Grouse hot laps getting better by the day as the crew added more features, my season was starting to shape up nicely. I was set to fly down to SIA in Denver than film throughout Colorado and Salt Lake for a couple weeks with the Voleurz crew. I also had an invite to the Snowdeo event happening mid-February with a $20G cash purse on the line.

This is all good, right? Not with a broken ankle. After canceling the first half of my season, I had my surgery performed on December 31st at 1:00 PM. I'll keep you all posted throughout the season on updates of my friends and sponsors, but you probably won't see much content until the end of March. Fortunately for us snowboarders, we have glaciers and airplanes that allow us to snowboard until late August.

In the meantime, here is an edit for you GrouseParkers to enjoy. Don't forget to put it in 1080p for full HD.

Peace, Barry

California Dreamin'

Hey guys, Been really busy, so first blog of the season. We went down to Mammoth for the Grand Prix event a couple weeks ago with some old Grouse Mountain riders Brennen Kurchak, Keenan Filmer and Christian Cretu taking photos. 20 degree weather everyday and sunny skies, couple injuries, solid trip. Enjoy



Outdoor Graduation Bail Scenes

Hi, This is from Voleurz:

We put together a montage of less-than-par clips from 2009. Usually big fancy super-corporations like us would hide such footage as this, but the humor got the best of us.

So here it is… kersmashes, ball-boinkers, snaps, crackles and some pops from the film Outdoor Graduation:

[vimeo 8683405 500x333]



Peak Season in Whistler

Just incase you haven't seen MTV's Peak Season, Check it out all this week on CTV at 7pm Monday-Friday.They will be showing back-to-back episodes of the reality series taking place in Whistler. I got a chance to be involved in the show and I am in 5 of the 10 episodes, so be sure to check it out in between your busy shred/work/school schedules!


Other then that, been busy working lots up in Whistler, should be coming down to Grouse Mountian for some shred soon!

Happy Holidays and hope to see you all on the hill this winter!


Video: Private Alterna Shoot At Grouse

Hey I got a little shot in the Grouse Alterna Shoot clip on push.ca.  Check it out!

Some behind-the-scenes footage of the Alterna crew's annual shoot on Grouse Mountain. It would seem that their yearly shoot always brings blue skies...suspicious. Riding and speaking from Chris Rasman, Matt Belzile, JF Fortin, Craig Beaulieu, Tadej Valentan, Chris Dufficy, Johnny Lyall, Wiley Tesso, Barry Hartman, Beau Bishop, Eero Niemla and Mikey Rencz. Look for the final footage in their 09/10 release, Elektro.

View video here!


Thought I would post this link on the blog.  This winter was a great season to shred the local mountains and ride good powder.  For a week straight I had the pleasure of riding Grouse every morning with Devun, The guy i've looked up to ever since I started snowboarding.  It snowed every night and we woke up early every morning for the first tram ride up... then we would ride Olympic chair until our legs were wobbly.  It was an amazing week!  This is a little clip that Karl from ISdesgin put up on his blog

Walrus Design: Let'em Have Fun Contest

walrus-header Hey folks!

For those of you that haven't heard, I've recently started my own clothing company.  I'm super stoked on this project finally taking off after a 3 year planning process.  Before you get the wrong idea and think this is a "Look at me!" post, let me say that Walrus Design has finally taken off and there's some hype around it.  The team is growing and it contains an impressive line up of riders too! Okay, now you can think that this is a "Look at me!" post.  However, I'm gonna make it worth your while.

This contest is specifically for the readers of Grousepark.com.  You've been reading all season, and we here at the site value that.  We'd have no jobs if you all didn't read what we had to write.  To show you that we feel the love, Walrus is giving out some shirts.  All you have to do is, as the title states, go have some good, clean, PG-rated fun.  Make a video or take a picture of you and your friends hanging out, going skating, singing along to Don't Stop Believing by Journey really loud or exchanging high fives.  Maybe all of the above!  If you're having a good time, I wanna see it.

All pictures MUST be in .jpeg format (if they're not, I'm not gonna look at them, sorry...I'm lazy.) and all videos must be posted on a vieo hosting somewhere on the interwebs (YouTube, Vimeo etc.).  You can email the pictures and links to sam@grousepark.com. Contest closes on May 18th, so get your submissions in before then. Top three submissions get gear and extras.  Now go have some fun!

[caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Left to Right: Nathan Jonas, Sam Masih (me), Shayan Aghourlikhani, Antosh Cimoszko and Michael "Giv'er" McClelland"]walrus-team[/caption]

Get your Walrus on!