CV – Grouse Park Playlist 5 – Diet Bones

Take out your trumpet, its March: Playlist 5 – Diet Bones , a mix of slow but.. upbeat tunes. Perfect for all the sunny miracle march fast laps that are about to go down. Sip on some diet dew and shake some bones, its go time.

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  1. Dead mans bones - loose your soul
  2. Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew
  3. Little Dragon - Ritual Union
  4. First Air Kit - When I grow up
  5. Thee oh sees - Warm Slime
  6. Fitzgerald and The Tantrum - Money Grabber
  7. Grimes - Vanessa
  8. Beirut - Santa Fe
  9. Animal Collective - My Girl
  10. The Joy Formidiable - the greatest light is the greatest shade
  11. Flight Facilities - Crave you ft. Giselle




Throwback - Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is a bowse. He was one of the first guys to push it in freestyle snowboarding. He has one of the best methods out of any rider who has ever strapped in. Check out this these clips of some of his first snowboard movie parts in Project 6, Meltdown Project and TB2. I had Project 6 on VHS tape and played it over and over until it didn't play any more. I was studying his method to try and figure out how to do one as good as him. I still am. Short clip from Jamie's part in Project 6 circa 1994 - check out the headcam shots... he had to wear a back pack with the recorder in it!

Jamie in Melt Down Project circa 1995 - check out the dope method at 0:40

Jamie in TB2 circa 1992 - Jamie was known for shredding without gloves - look for 270 on at 1:19


Grouse Park Playlist 4 - Paparazzi

Stream Grouse Park Playlist #4A playlist is like a recipe. You need to put in the right ingredients and the right amount of each ingredient or else whatever you are cooking is going to come out tasting like crap. I listen to music every time I ride. The tracks a play depend on what I'm riding. When I am riding rails in the park I am more likely to listen to Hip Hop and Remixes. If it is a powder day I will probably put on some Indie or Classic Rock. I put this playlist together for riding Grouse Park to keep you moving. I worked on the recipe simmering a bunch of Electro Pop and Indie sounds, adding some new and old tracks for flavour and a dash of Remixes to give it the right texture.

  1. Heartbeats (Extended Mix)  - Grum
  2. Devil's Work - Miike Snow
  3. Strictly Game (Kid's at the Bar Remix) - Harlem Shakes
  4. I Want You - Summer Camp
  5. Oh Yeah (Nighty Max Remix) -  Housse Da Racket
  6. Shuffle on a Dream - Little Dragon
  7. Fail Forever - When Saints Go Marching
  8. Not In Love (ft. Robert Plant) - Crystal Castles
  9. Staring At The Sun (TV On The Radio - Diplo
  10. The Drummer - Niki and the Dove
  11. NY Is Killing Me - Gil Scot-Heron ft. Jamie xx
  12. Embrace - Pnau ft. Ladyhawke
  13. Heartbeat (Chase and Status Remix) - Nneka
  14. Household Goods - Totally Enormous Dinosaur
  15. Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Death from Above 1979
  16. Gothstar - Pictureplane

Listen, stream and share the Grouse Park playlist #4 - Paparazzi here.

Our next playlist will be songs that we play in the park. You asked for it on Facebook and we will bring it to you here on Have fun at 24 Hours this weekend!


Grouse Park Playlist 3 - The Journey

Now that the holidays are over I am getting back into school and riding. I spent a lot of my time in December traveling. This Grouse Park Playlist is inspired by thinking about shredding while on the road. I spent 40 hours in a car from Calgary to southern Ontario in one long seamlessly never ending journey. This gave me plenty of time to reflect and go through my whole iPod, there were many songs that made me nostalgic of epic days on the mountain. I picked these songs in particular because they all have good vibes. While skiing and snowboarding there are many different styles of music to get into, and I am a fan of almost all music. When I'm not on the mountain these tracks seem like theme songs for the good days. They bring back all the good memories and in turn gets me hyped to go ride! It's hard to try and pick a playlist that is good for riding, as everyone gets down to something different. This collection of songs can at least convey a feeling that you can relate back to being on the mountain with friends. In my opinion, now that the snow is flying, the good times must be just around the corner. See you out there!

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Grouse Park Playlist 2 - Chairlift Beats Here it is: Playlist 2 - Chairlift Beats, A taste of what I listen to while lapping the park. I chose most of these songs from some of my favorite ski and board edits. Filled with mostly Hip Hop, this playlist will get you hyped to nail that new trick you just learned.  Enjoy!


    1. Kid Cudi - Falling Star (3RK Remix)
    2. Trouble Andrew - Take it to the Top
    3. SonReal - Ding Dong
    4. Chiddy Bang - Mind you Manners
    5. Labrinth - Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah
    6. B.O.B - Strange Clouds ft. Lil Wayne
    7. Chase & Status - Hitz
    8. Lupe Fiasco - Show Goes on
    9. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
    10. Ratatat - Party and Bullsh*t
    11. Ace Hood - Top of the World
    12. Karetus - Young, Wild, & Free (Remix)

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      That's all for now,

      Andrew Santos

      CV - Grouse Park Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze

      I am excited to share with you: Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze, just in time to slow things down as we cap off the 2011 year. A collection of some of my favourite classic rock/blues/folk-fun tracks to unwind to after the busy holiday season and slow ride right into 2012.  A playlist perfect for solo park lap days: its just you and the music. Enjoy.

      Stream or share here: Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze by Caley Vanular. Look for more Grouse Park Playlists coming up on the Grouse Park Grooveshark page.



        1. Bob Dylan - Black Diamond Bay
        2. Fog Hat - Slow Ride
        3. Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat
        4. Led Zepplin - Your Time Is Going To Come
        5. Jerry Garcia Band - Run For The Roses
        6. The Animals - When I Was Young
        7. Canned Heat - Going Up The Country
        8. Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
        9. David Bowie - The Width Of A Circle
        10. Grateful Dead - Jack Straw
        11. The Doors - Soul Kitchen
        12. Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand
        13. Grateful Dead - Friend Of The Devil


          - CV

          It's On

          It's on. Another season of snowboarding on Grouse Mountain. Another year of tree runs, park laps, and powder turns. To introduce myself, my name is Myrosha Daley and I have been riding for almost 20 years, competitively for 15, and I have worked in the snowboard industry for nearly 10. I have been fortunate in my shred life to snowboard at many different mountain resorts. Grouse is still one of my favorite places to ride. It might be how close it is to my house. Or it might be how I can get a hot lap with rollers one run, and hit the park the next. It will be another year of getting off work, quickly grabbing my gear while eating dinner, and out the door to catch the Skyride tram for a night session. It will be another year of laughs on chairlifts,  9:30pm powder slashes and eventually slushy spring fun wearing jeans, a t-shirt and shades. When I really think about it, it makes sense. Another year of riding Grouse Park and I can't wait. [caption id="attachment_4906" align="alignnone" width="504" caption=""It's on""][/caption]

          This is my first year on the Grouse Park blog and I am stoked to be contributing and acting as editor. Hyped to join the team and bring you some killer features:

          • Real Talk - Interviews with snow pros and snow industry heads
          • Playlists - New tunes for your park riding pleasure
          • Trick Tips - Delivered to you from the Grouse Park Crew
          • Game of D.I.C.E - You'll have to wait and see...

          Keep updated with us on the Grouse Park blog for these features, videos, regular posts from the contributors and more.


          Happy Holidays,


          Early Season Edit

          Just a little edit filmed during a few days at Grouse before Christmas. Filmed by Sebastian Gerhard and edited by Patrick Rychter. Fun times. Enjoy! [vimeo 18774973]

          Get stoked for the rebuild!


          Happy Holidays

          Hey there,  it's Jeremy here checking in for my second year of blogging with the Quiksilver Park at Grouse. I am generally regarded as a filmer, always down to shoot as long as the weather is good.  This year I'll be wearing a red jacket above black plants, fairly baggy. Feel free to say hi.  Throughout the holidays I have been taking advantage of the amazing weather we have been having for the past week.  As of  the holidays I have finally been able to get some time to ski and film enough for a decently sized edit.  The edit includes, in order of appearance Frodo, Brian Choi, Joe Mickelson, Simon Stulberg and Ben Neil (props to the huge backflip over the hip). I hope you enjoy it. As well I have been working on a RC Heli + Go Pro cam setup.  I took it up Grouse the other day, however crashed it early on causing gnarly vibrations throughout the rest of the day.  I will be getting that dialed in throughout the week so check back later for updates.

          Holiday Edit from Jeremy Cox on Vimeo.

          Have a good one


          An Introduction: It's DJean!

          Hi! My name's Jean Lavigne, and this season I have been chosen to be on board blogging for I'm a snowboarder and a Grouse local. I've been snowboarding since I can remember and since then I've always called Grouse home. The last four winter seasons I've spent working up Grouse as a snowboard instructor teaching kids of all ages how to shred! I live on the North Shore and when I'm not at work or schooling, you can find me up Grouse lapping the park or hunting down pow on the Olympic Chair. I normally come up alone but always meet up with the shred posse, so if you ever see me around give a shout, I'm always down to cruise. THE MORE THE MERRIER!! Something else I'm really passionate about is music, and when I'm not busy with the above, I'm either listening or finding new music. I put together mixes under the alias DJEAN, so you can look out for some bangin' mixes from me this season or from other local riders who too love to jump on the VDJ tables.

          jean tail press

          Look out for some edits and photos from me this season of all things awesome up Grouse, especially the park, we all know the talk about the snow this season, hopefully that pulls through because no doubt with enough the Quicksilver Park is going to be killin' it.

          Make sure to get Djean on Facebook, for all updates on the music side, Here's a link to some of my older mixes, and I've got some in the works too so look out for those. Stoked to meet all the fellow park rats!

          DJEAN on Soundcloud

          PEACE, Jean.

          Marcus's Music Friday

          Many of you Grouse locals may know Park Crew veteran, Marcus Cartwright. A staple on the Grouse Mountain scene, Marcus also has quite the ear for hip hop. Starting next week, Marcus is gonna drop a weekly track, maybe two, maybe...actually, however many he feels like. To kick things off, here's a bomb track that sums up all of 2009 and rings in 2010. As Marcus says, better late than never. I'm pretty sure he stole that from somewhere though. You can follow along with the lyrics and the track is available as a free download too. 2009 Rap Up - Skillz