Burton Boys: Mikey Rencz and Mikkel Bang's Day Off Up Grouse.

Mikkel Bang & Mikey Rencz hit up Grouse Mountain for some sunny hit runs on their 'off day' from sledding. Mikey Rencz everybody.Altitudes Ceasers

Started the day with some much needed caesars..

Beauty Day

MikeyyMikkel Is 'fascinated' by the Wind Turbine

Mikkel was hyped to take a day off filming Whistler backcountry to ride Grouse Mountain for the first time. He celebrated with first try backflips on all the jumps in the Quik Park.

Burtons Mikey Rencz and MTVs Amanda Scheller

Mikey Rencz and Amanda Scheller are hyped. Mikey lead way on a super fun hit run running from Heavans Sake - Deliverance - Skyline.


MB and CV

Mikkel is 'fascinated' with the wind turbine(commenting on its slight movements in broken English).

Gang Hang



Spring Slush Cruisin'

With the Park dialed and the sun out, it's the perfect time to get those spring laps in. This past Thursday I was lucky enough to get to film with some of the Nomis crew, Simon Chamberlain and Blair McKinney. I also met up with Zac Dolesky just as the clouds were rolling in, and we managed to get some bangers! Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/40503377

PS. Congrats to Ryan Rose and Family Tree the winners of the Quiksilver Filmmaker and Photo Showdown. Also big thanks to everyone who voted for me, my edit won Viewers Choice! You can check out my bail reel here.

That's all for now! -Andrew

Oakley Night Jam!

For those who don't know, the most recent Oakley Night Jam went down Friday, March 2nd! There was a ton of swag given away by Oakley. Zac Dolesky took home a pair of custom Oakley goggles for Best Trick on the C-rail. Props to all the riders who came out for the jam!  Here is my edit from the night. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/38075213

The next jam will be Friday, March 16th. See ya there! -Andrew Santos

Sun in the Grouse Park

Many students like me got to take advantage of class being out early this week. The sun was out and the park was dialed. My fisheye lens arrived right on time for this and I brought it up to snap some shots. Here's what I came up with while enjoying this wonderful holiday. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Adriano Tongko with a sweet method into the sun."]Adriano Tongko[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="On set of Pocket full of Gnar."][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Got to learn some new tricks after the big dump on Sunday night. Photo cred to Kaz Yamamura."]Andrew Santos[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Shawn Greensides rides trees."]Shawn Greensides[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Shawn with the Tank."]Shawn Greensides[/caption]


That's all for now, - Andrew Santos


GPC (Grouse Park Crew) Reveals February Photos

You all know the GPC (Grouse Park Crew) is busy maintaining the parks day and night. You probably also know that the crew rips. I mean no one spends more time in there then they do. The crew took some time off of shoveling and raking in Feb to get a some photos for you viewing pleasure.  Check it out! #likeabowse Grouse Park Crew: Snowboard - Edwin Poulsten , Greg Le Patourel , Robert Morrison and Marcus Cartwright. Skier - Liam Mullaly

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]

Night Sesh!

Why not head up to Grouse for a Night Sesh? Here's an edit I threw together from a quick after school shred last Wednesday with Mike, Dylan, Logan, Shawn, and Ryan. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/37356822

PS. More snow is in the forecast and the Y2Play is Back! Check it out here for a killer deal on a seasons pass!

Peace! -Andrew

Straight from the Quikpark

I have to say that both the Cut Line and Quikpark are prime right now. Did a couple laps yesterday and I was having way too much fun. I brought out the camera for the last run. Here are the results.

These are only three of the many features that are up right now. Come up and check it out! Photo creds to Kaz Yamamura and a big shout out to the Park Crew.

Later! Andrew Santos

Roxy Ride Days: Coming to Grouse Mountain!


Saturday, February 4th. 2012

Come on out and have some fun with Roxy Ride Days Canadian Tour at Grouse Mountain! Learn new tricks, meet new friends and have a blast spending the day snowboarding with the WSF Roxy coaching team. Join in on a fun progressive day on the hill filled with park coaching sessions, mini jam comps and prize giveaways!

Open to all ages & abilities!

  • Learn new tricks
  • Receive a gifts from Roxy
  • Tons of prizes
  • Demo the latest snowboards from Roxy
  • Ride with friends
  • Lunch included


Saturday, February 4th. 2012

9:00 – 10:o0 am: Registration & Warm Up

10:00 – 10:30 am: Group Coaching Session: Intro to Freestyle Riding

10:30 – 12:30 pm: Coaching Sessions: Jumps, Rails, Boxes

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 – 3:30 pm: Mini Jams: Game of R.O.X.Y. – JIB JAM

4:00 – 4:30 pm: Prizes & Wrap up


$50.00+ Lift Ticket.

Includes Lunch & Roxy Gift Bag!

REGISTRATION LINK: http://shredsisters.com/blog/roxy-ride-days-events/roxy-ride-days-british-columbia/register

For Roxy Snow info, visit: www.roxy.com Twitter: @roxy #RoxyCanada


See you out there!

- CV

Park Update: Cut Line

Good morning,

For those that don’t know me already, my name is Marcus Cartwright. This is my 6th winter season at grouse. Couple things: If you haven’t been up since last week, there have been some changes to the Cut Line. We have two progressive lines at the moment that flow into the jump (L). Big shout outs to the park crew and park groomer.

We've also begun working on the Quiksilver park today, so the Side Cut will be on standby until further notice. Stay tuned to our announcements on Twitter for more. -MC

1st line goes a little something like this:

Flat Down Box (L) Red Mario Tube Rail set up on a flat (L) 20’ Fun Box (M) 25’ Down Box (M)

2nd line, is a rail line and goes like this:

20’ Down Flat bar (M) 20’ Flat Shotgun Rail (M) 20’ Down Shotgun Rail (M) “NEW” 32’ Elbow Kink Rail setup flat (L) 30’ Round Down Rail (L)

Season Ender Bender

GrousePark, As you all know, Grouse has just about closed up shop for the season with one week left of riding!

Wanted to say that it was an awesome time getting to write for the park blog thanks to Grouse, the park crew, Oolar and the snow gods for making this season one of the best in a long time. I had a great time shredding Grouse riding with buddies and new buddies and stoked for more!

Make sure to get up for the last couple days, and if you can't make it up to ALL of the remaining days get up for CLOSING DAY, and wear something rad! Tell all friends Grouse is going to be firing!!!

Look out for hopefully a few more edits either from me or any other of the righteous team of bloggers.

P.S. Jake Blauvelt's Naturally series is one of the best I've seen in a while. Blauvelts riding style is ulike any other. Enjoy

[vimeo 20736315]

See you at the slush,


Spring Break Shake

Joy footage and Cut Stone productions have been killing it lately. Every single edit that has been coming from both of the crews have been sick, not to mention they are all shot on our local mountains. Here's their latest edit, Spring Break Shake. Check it out! [vimeo 21473419]

PS. Grouse has been getting tons of snow lately, and it's April! chyea.

The boys are back in town

The Whistler boys were in town for a couple of days so I brought the 7D out to shoot some pictures with them up Grouse. The conditions weren't the best but they were all throwing down regardless, stomping some of the best tricks these Grousepark features have ever seen. Like I said, conditions were not ideal but I managed a couple of alright shots regardless.

See you all at Showdown,


Monday Night Sesh.

Here's a little edit of a late night sesh up at Grouse last week. Riders are Michael Granger, Simon Stulberg, Dylan Gillespie, Sam Fedak, Maxime Cyr-Morton, Nicola Cyr-Morton, and more. It was a great night cruisin the park and just having a good time. Here's the edit. Enjoy! [vimeo 20863105]

PS. Don't forget to head up for the next Oakley night jam, this Friday! I'll be up there and hopefully all of you will be too! It's going to be sick!



Have you ever heard of Nipwitz? If not, you will soon. These guys from Finland are set to burst onto the scene this season. Churning out multiple webisodes all last season, all of which match the quality of big hitters like Level 1, these creative jibbers are taking urban, and filmmaking, to the next level. Here is their first webisode of the season: [vimeo 20470817]

Check out their website for information and updates, and you can watch their epidodes from last year here.

And you probably don't need me to tell you this, but the park crew is killing it right now. I was up Monday night, new features include super fun cannon pontoon, elbow kink in a new place, and a soon-to-be-open rebuilt #4 jump on the cut line. And Y2Plays are now on sale too, so get up here!


February Love

Here's yet another amazing edit brought to you by Joy Footage.  Riders are Patrick Rychter, Sam Fedak, and Grousepark blogger Simon Stulberg. Also just a shout out to all you riders out there to get your Y2Play pass they are going quick, so click on that lovely Y2Play banner above to get more details. After you've done that don't forget to head up to Grouse for this weekend's Roxy Chickadee Jam, which also includes a Mascot rail jam!

For now just sit back, relax, and enjoy this killer edit!