Park Update: Cut Line

Good morning,

For those that don’t know me already, my name is Marcus Cartwright. This is my 6th winter season at grouse. Couple things: If you haven’t been up since last week, there have been some changes to the Cut Line. We have two progressive lines at the moment that flow into the jump (L). Big shout outs to the park crew and park groomer.

We've also begun working on the Quiksilver park today, so the Side Cut will be on standby until further notice. Stay tuned to our announcements on Twitter for more. -MC

1st line goes a little something like this:

Flat Down Box (L) Red Mario Tube Rail set up on a flat (L) 20’ Fun Box (M) 25’ Down Box (M)

2nd line, is a rail line and goes like this:

20’ Down Flat bar (M) 20’ Flat Shotgun Rail (M) 20’ Down Shotgun Rail (M) “NEW” 32’ Elbow Kink Rail setup flat (L) 30’ Round Down Rail (L)


Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew Waring and this is my first year producing content for the grouse blog! I am exited to get this season going and to spend as much time as I possibly can up in the mountains. I am originally from Ontario and am currently going to school at Capilano University. I have been living in BC for 3 years, one in Whistler and two in Vancouver. My main passions are skiing and photography so I am happy to be able to combine the two using Grouse Park blog as an outlet. When I'm not in school you will see me in the mountains skiing, filming and generally having fun, because we live in an insane part of the world!

Here are a couple of clips from December in the Hike Park - One of the best parts about this set up is that you can re-learn all of those rusty tricks you may have lost from the summer. Perfectly mellow features to get tricks on, before taking them to bigger stuff. That’s it for now - see you up there.


[vimeo 34580587]


CV - Grouse Park Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze

I am excited to share with you: Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze, just in time to slow things down as we cap off the 2011 year. A collection of some of my favourite classic rock/blues/folk-fun tracks to unwind to after the busy holiday season and slow ride right into 2012.  A playlist perfect for solo park lap days: its just you and the music. Enjoy.

Stream or share here: Playlist 1 - Mellow Daze by Caley Vanular. Look for more Grouse Park Playlists coming up on the Grouse Park Grooveshark page.



    1. Bob Dylan - Black Diamond Bay
    2. Fog Hat - Slow Ride
    3. Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat
    4. Led Zepplin - Your Time Is Going To Come
    5. Jerry Garcia Band - Run For The Roses
    6. The Animals - When I Was Young
    7. Canned Heat - Going Up The Country
    8. Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
    9. David Bowie - The Width Of A Circle
    10. Grateful Dead - Jack Straw
    11. The Doors - Soul Kitchen
    12. Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand
    13. Grateful Dead - Friend Of The Devil


      - CV

      Fresh Season Fresh Photos

      What's up Grouse Park blog readers? Jason Macfarlane here to put out content for another season. If you're new to, this is my third season writing for the blog. I am an 18 year old skier from North Vancouver, currently enrolled in my first year of university. This year I am also a part of the Park Crew staff on Grouse Mountain. So I'll be writing about the park, helping to build, maintain and keep it running smoothly. Lack of snow has been a bit of a challenge so far this year, but that doesn't mean we haven't pulled off some good features. The Park Crew have worked hard (which hasn't been me so far so I can't take credit for this) and have put together an awesome line of rail features in The Cut park. Jam packed, it is probably one of the jib parks with the best flow the mountain has ever seen.

      Recently, Trint Thomas and I spent a few hours in the sun shooting some pictures and video clips. Here's one of my favourites from that day.

      -Jason Macfarlane

      [caption id="attachment_4946" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Back Lip @ Grouse Park"][/caption]

      Rider: Trint Thomas Photo: Jason Macfarlane


      Good to be Back

      Hey everyone, my name is Jeremy Cox.  I have been involved with the Grouse Park blog for the past couple years, mainly focused on video.  If it's a sunny day and I am up the mountain chances are I will have my camera so feel free to say 'hi'!  Keep posted for, what I hope will be, some cool edits this season.  I got a couple lap's in with Zac Dolesky recently and here is a one run edit from the session. -Jeremy

      It's On

      It's on. Another season of snowboarding on Grouse Mountain. Another year of tree runs, park laps, and powder turns. To introduce myself, my name is Myrosha Daley and I have been riding for almost 20 years, competitively for 15, and I have worked in the snowboard industry for nearly 10. I have been fortunate in my shred life to snowboard at many different mountain resorts. Grouse is still one of my favorite places to ride. It might be how close it is to my house. Or it might be how I can get a hot lap with rollers one run, and hit the park the next. It will be another year of getting off work, quickly grabbing my gear while eating dinner, and out the door to catch the Skyride tram for a night session. It will be another year of laughs on chairlifts,  9:30pm powder slashes and eventually slushy spring fun wearing jeans, a t-shirt and shades. When I really think about it, it makes sense. Another year of riding Grouse Park and I can't wait. [caption id="attachment_4906" align="alignnone" width="504" caption=""It's on""][/caption]

      This is my first year on the Grouse Park blog and I am stoked to be contributing and acting as editor. Hyped to join the team and bring you some killer features:

      • Real Talk - Interviews with snow pros and snow industry heads
      • Playlists - New tunes for your park riding pleasure
      • Trick Tips - Delivered to you from the Grouse Park Crew
      • Game of D.I.C.E - You'll have to wait and see...

      Keep updated with us on the Grouse Park blog for these features, videos, regular posts from the contributors and more.


      Happy Holidays,


      Weekend Edit

      It's dumping snow here right now at Grouse and now that we are putting a mellow week behind us, it's about time that we've got some snow. Despite all the rain and slush, I had time to get some weekend laps in with my buddies. I was stoked to get some footy with my new camera and make an edit.Check it out!

      [vimeo 17825566]

      Look out for more edits coming soon. - Andrew

      An Introduction: It's Dylan!

      Hey all, My name's Dylan Gillespie and I'm super stoked to be one of the Grouse Park bloggers for this season! I've been skiing Grouse all my life, and got into the park/freeski scene a few years ago, though I love doing anything with skis on my feet. I live really close to Grouse, so you can be sure to see me lapping the park on weekends and after school. If you see me, stop me and say hi! I'm usually wearing a orange jacket or black hoody, and blue pants. I always enjoy meeting someone new and spining laps with another stoked rider!

      Now overall, the weather's been pretty good this season which has let the Grouse Park Crew put together an AMAZING park setup, week after week. Add a bunch of new and improved features for them to work with, and you've got one of the best parks Grouse has seen in a long time. So be sure to get up there as soon as you can and check out either the Quiksiver Park or the Paradise Jib Park, both of which are sweeeeet right now.

      I will be posting numerous edits, photos, and videos thoughout the season, and you can check those out on my Vimeo page and my Flickr page (which shall be set up with content in the near future).

      In the mean time, here are a couple of my favourite photos from my past season.

      Skier: Dyan Gillespie   Photo: Matt Hutchinson

      I'm not going to sit here and claim I'm any good at photography, because I'm not. I'm really hoping to improve this year, because right now, I can't tell the differance between f-stop and flash sync. But very, VERY rarely I can sometimes click the shutter button on my Casio point-and-shoot at the right moment, which I was luckily able to do here.

      Skier: Casey Klimock Photo: Dylan Gillespie

      That's all I got for now guys, but keep checking back for more great updates from me and my fellow bloggers.



      Late Pre-Season Update

      We would have had this up earlier, but we had a lot going on. Check out these photos from Jason McFarline and a video from Jeremy Cox.

      Pre-Season Video

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="427" caption="Donkey"]Donkey[/caption]

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="DFD"]DFD[/caption]

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Pontoon"]Pontoon[/caption]

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Box and Flat Down"]Box and Flat Down[/caption]

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="427" caption="Donkey"]Donkey[/caption]

      See you on the slopes!

      Oakley Night Jams The First

      This past Friday, Grouse Mountain kicked off its annual free contest series, the Oakley Night Jams.  The format this season differed from the Night Jams of past years in that there was a dedicated setup for the event where the Paradise Jib Park used to be.  For the first jam of the season, that park crew had setup at 16 foot butter box, a downbar of equal or greater value and a C-rail set up in a semi circle with lips at both ends for your jibbing pleasure. The jam started of slow as kids began to trickle slowly in from around the mountain.  Our own Charlie Grinnell spread the word through the Quik Park and gathered bodies from all around.  Coastal Riders was on hand as the shop sponsor for this first jam.  With Charlie on the mic, things quickly got popping as he made sure the event was ski friendly this time around.  Grouse Mountain local Brian Choi cleaned house on the ski side of things, so we're banning him from the next jam.  Just kidding.  In any case, the skiers were killing it all night on all the features. Trint and Shayan repped hard for the boarders, but all you boarders need to step your game up in time for the next Oakley Night Jam on January 8th.  Here are some pictures from Friday night.

      [gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

      Oakley NightJams #1 - December 18th

      Oakley NightJams:

      Back for another year, Oakley NightJams will be happening in our Parks on Friday nights throughout the season. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, guy or girl, young or old, come on out to win loads of prizing and have a good time!

      The first one of the season is taking place this Friday, December 18th in the Paradise Park. Be there for 7pm to get entered into our Grand prize draw for a pair of Oakley goggles or shades.

      This season there will be a different format. We will now be holding one event per month to build up the excitement between events. Photos, videos, and results will be posted on and, all captured by our resident blogospondents.

      Each event will be hosted by a different local shop who will each bring a different flare, theme, format, and vibe to the night.

      There is no entry fee. All you need to do is show up on the dates below between 7 - 9pm. In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize draw you must be wearing a helmet!


      December 18
      January 8
      February 6
      March 12
      April 10**

      **NOTE: The final event will take place on Saturday April 10th from 1pm-4pm.

      Quiksilver Park Open Top to Bottom

      Lower Side Cut was opened today, expanding the Quik Park to its full season length.  To think that last year on this day we had just opened Paradise with 4 features, and this year we're boasting 19 between Paradise and Quik Park.  Go snowmaking!  A shout out to our snowmaking crew, without these guys, you'd be riding jib park for the foreseeable future.  They have been absolutley killing it for the terrain park at Grouse Mountain this year.  More features are being added almost daily, and I'll have some pictures up here soon. Seasons Greetings

      SHAW and the Park Crew

      Hello, My Name is...

      Hello readers, My name is Jason, or as most of my friends call me, Frodo, and I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Grousepark bloggers this year. I am a skier and have been skiing at Grouse Mountain since I was about 4 years old. Luckily enough, I live a mere 15 minute bus ride away from the mountain, so if I am free, you can bet I will be skiing. I am pretty recognizable on the hill, with an outerwear look consisting of tight pants and tall tees. If you see me, don't be shy and say hello! Another thing I can usually be recognized by is a camera in my hand. I love to shoot pictures and if the weather is good chances are I won't be caught up Grouse Mountain without my camera.

      Speaking of pictures, here are some fresh pictures from the other day in the park.

      Max Buchanan on the new, longer pontoon:

      Trint Thomas nospressing while Shayan gets the shot:

      That's all for now, thanks for reading,


      Another Grouse Park Edit

      It's been a sunny, clear week on top of Grouse Mountain. Great for filming and such, Here's an edit not obscured by fog featuring Trint Thomas, Shayan Aghourlikhani, James Anderson and Ryan Belich. Great product placement Shayan, your sponsors must be real proud. [vimeo]7968196[/vimeo]

      Filmed by Shayan and Trint, edited by Trint.

      Grousepark Report- Nov 23/09

      With all the recent snowfall, the paradise jib park was rebuilt over the last couple of days. And it hasn't stopped yet. With the Peak Chair now open, get your freshies in while the getting is good. We've been keeping real busy trying to keep up with nature, digging and pulling out rails. PB210030

      Recently we've been trying to split our time between digging and painting and paneling the rails at the top of the Quiksilver Park. Hope you've all been enjoying the little setup and have been getting last years tricks on lock.

      Quiksilver BoxParadise Park

      PS. look for some new features to be snow-ready real soon.


      From with love,

      Grouse Mountain Park Crew

      Shaw, Marcus, Chris, Andrew, Dan, Tom, Conrad, Ryan, Adam.

      Grouse Mountain Opening Day

      Hey all, Sorry this is being posted a whole two days after the actual opening.  For those of you that missed it, Grouse Mountain has opened the early season jib park.  There are 8 features set up.  There's a rainbow rail, butter box and flat box to start off the series, then there a cannon butter box which you'll need to pump the rainbow rail for, a C rail hooking left into a flat bar, the Whale Tail box and a legit street style down rail.  Basically, best early season park we've ever had.  I took a couple pictures, but man, these cameras we get don't work so well at night. My iPhone takes better pictures, I reckon.

      [gallery link="file"]

      Grousepark Report - Nov.13/09

      Paradise jib park is up and running for the 2009/2010 winter season.  Eight features were moved into our expanded terrain for some early season jib action. grouse_8


      With mother nature giving us some natural, and the snowmaking team at grouse adding to the snowbase, we were able to move some snow around and bring a progressive lineup of jibs.  Check the pictures.

      Shaw and the Park crew



      Another new PYP edit and some other goodies

      Hey, Heres a new edit, PYPlaytime.  I am off to Whistler to do some filming for the Telus Festival up there, so be prepared for some sick stuff coming up.



      Also check out Colby West’s and John Symms’ website, you will laugh and you can download the free song and some ringtones.



      Grouse Park : Rookie Park Update

      The fun factor at the Grouse Mountain Rookie terrain park has increased by a very large number.  After the build for the Office Booyz contest, the rookie park is looking better than it has all season...or ever, for that matter.  There's a quarter pip/spine, two tires to do whatever you want on them, filing cabinets and desks to jib, boxes setup in a C formation, a whale tail to down box combo and an exquisitely manicured jump to top it all off.  I was going to take pictures of some of the features for you, but I was having the most fun riding park I've had all year. I'd suggest going up and checking it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Props to the park crew! Additionally, the Quiksilver terrain park now has a FIVE hit jump line. What!? Yea, you heard right, the jump set up is so amazing right now.  No more needing to straight line from the lifts! Throw up a big ol' whoop whoop for Shaw Butterworth and his jump building!

      I should be studying for exams, but after riding today, I'm pretty sure I'll be spending all weekend in the parks.  You should too!

      Don't hate, just ride,