New Snow!

There has been a lot of softer snow in the park these days, it's real mellow! Here are a couple shots from last weeks shredding in the Quiksilver park. The set ups and conditions have been prime lately, nice and soft!

Trees looking awesome after some new snow.

The fun Double Shotgun bank at the end of the day.

All of this snow is going to make great conditions for spring riding....cant wait!


Oakley Night Jam!

For those who don't know, the most recent Oakley Night Jam went down Friday, March 2nd! There was a ton of swag given away by Oakley. Zac Dolesky took home a pair of custom Oakley goggles for Best Trick on the C-rail. Props to all the riders who came out for the jam!  Here is my edit from the night. Enjoy!

The next jam will be Friday, March 16th. See ya there! -Andrew Santos

GPC (Grouse Park Crew) Reveals February Photos

You all know the GPC (Grouse Park Crew) is busy maintaining the parks day and night. You probably also know that the crew rips. I mean no one spends more time in there then they do. The crew took some time off of shoveling and raking in Feb to get a some photos for you viewing pleasure.  Check it out! #likeabowse Grouse Park Crew: Snowboard - Edwin Poulsten , Greg Le Patourel , Robert Morrison and Marcus Cartwright. Skier - Liam Mullaly

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]

A Couple New Quik Park Features

Went up recently to the Quiksilver Park to check out some new features that have been moved around and added. Here is a taste of whats new up there! Looks as though snow is in the forecast this week which is a promising sign!

This rail is set up with mellow banks on both sides - Tom ollies a 360 over it into the new C-rail set up:

I think the C-rail could be my favorite feature these days...

One of the other big features added was this launch box - You can take it to a jump style landing or just hop into the transition early to save you knees!

The 3 jump line on the side cut is looking very promising in the coming days, looking forward to that! A new Quiksilver park edit coming very soon!


Snow in the City!

North Vancouver is a gold mine for handrails, but since we rarely get snow these rails don't often see any action. Well we finally had some snow fall last night so Trint Thomas (newest Endeavor Am), Jeremy Cox and myself got down to work right away before the snow melted. We set up a 14-flat-11 stair down-flat-down. It's a rail in my neighborhood that I've been looking to ski for the last couple of years. Video clips to come, but for now here's some behind the scenes shots from the session.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Jeremy getting the shot."][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Trint about to drop in."][/caption]