March - Wanted List

Hudson Bay Company – Axe Quiksilver – Mapocho Riding Shirt Quiksilver - Travis Rice Bib Pant The North Face – NSE Tent Bootie III Poler Stuff - The Man Tent Celtek – Trippen Mittens Stanley - Classic 8oz Flask Oakley - Terje Haakonsen Signature Splice Goggle Juniper Ridge - Douglas Fir Sachet

I can't believe its March. All I feel like doing right now is snowboarding, camping and hiking. A feeling that brought on inspiration for this months Wanted List. Mixing in some new stuff and classic stuff - I started it off with a Hudson Bay axe for wood choppin' campfires of course. Next up is the Quiksilver riding shirt, wilderness inspired snow wear to wear under the Travis Rice bib snowpants. After a long cold day on the hill there is nothing better then some North Face slippers to bring up your core temps. If you decide to stay the night, the Poler Man Tent is great for solo excursions. On any solo excursion a classic Stanley flask is a great idea, and a warm pair of Trippen mittens. Next some Terje Haakonsen signature Oakleys and a sachet of Douglas Fir to throw in your bag keeping your gear smelling like the rain forests of the northwest- Man stuff.


February - Wanted List

Recently returning from touring America I was inspired to make a 'Wanted List' for men. February brings unpredictable weather and usually the last burst of cold winter and snow in BC. With the weather in mind I am starting it off with next seasons Volcom camo outerwear paired with a full face mask from Brixton. Keep your hands warm with the innovative reusable heat bags from Poler Stuff and some good looking black leather gloves from Celtek.  Next is a Capita X Volcom Dan Brisse all terrain colab board and Union DLX bindings - Travis Rice rides Union bindings, why don't you? Then some Drink Water stickers to slap on your board as a  friendly reminder to... drink water. Pack everything else into a locally designed Herschel backpack and your good to go.




First Daze First Post

The Cut Line is fun and the GoPro's are out. My first post and first year with the Grouse Park blog. I am excited to be contributing and riding up at Grouse Mountain this season. Some background info on myself: snowboarding for over eleven years, blogging for about six and living in Vancouver for almost two. An enthusiast of all things culture, I plan on adding a fresh perspective and some frequent content to the blog — from 'day in the park' to product reviews, it's going to be a fun season.


Zion Snowboards: Local Quality Since 2000

Zion Header

Zion Snowboards.  To many of you, that name doesn't ring any bells and some of you have heard of Zion.  A select few have had the pleasure of owning and riding a Zion and any of these guys and gals will tell you that Zion Snowboards kill it.  As a small, local company, Zion is all about putting the fun back into snowboarding without all the big business hype.  Their mission is simple.  Build quality, durable boards that let you have more good times without worrying about your equipment. A couple nights ago, I got together with Walter Froese, owner of Zion Snowboards, at JJ Bean coffee shop on Commercial Drive.Zion Walter

Sam Masih: Hey Walter, thanks for taking time to meet up tonight.  Let's jump right into this.  People are probably wondering how long Zion has been around.

Walter Froese: Hey Sam, how’s it going bro?  I started Zion Snowboards in 2000. Hard to believe, but Zion’s been making boards for 10 years!

SM: Zion wasn’t your start in the business.  You were with Option in its hayday.  How has that helped you with your own company, in terms of board quality?

WF: Option at its peak, was making the best snowboards in the world. I pretty much learned everything about snowboard quality at that factory. I ran the core department there for several years and we would be getting our cores within 3 thousands of an inch to the spec we wanted. That is about the thickness of a sheet of paper! I got a chance to see all aspects of building snowboards and it’s definitely helped me get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Option’s also used to last forever so I got a feel for how to build boards that are tough and last longer. It sucks when boards break down too fast. It's good to break in but not to break down!

SM: What does the 2011 line up have to offer?

WF: Our new line for 2011 consists of 4 models. The Z1, LOST, WHOA MAN! and WONK. The Z1 is our top of the line model with all the features we could put into a board. It's designed to be an all mountain freestyle board. The LOST is our top park board made from top notch materials, while maintaining a mid range price point. We are using a cool material called basalt fiber under the core of the LOST. Basalt is 30% stronger than regular fiberglass, so it’s designed to take some big knocks to the base from hitting all the features in the park. The WHOA MAN! is our unisex line – good for guys and girls who want a fun and forgiving board that won’t beat you up when you make mistakes. We are also super stoked to introduce the WONK for 2011. It's basically a brand new shape that we designed with the help of George Cant at Design Cartel. George, in my opinion, is the best snowboard designer out there right now. The WONK is designed to be an all mountain jib board. The WONK is good to BONK! The board is made from super tough materials and will put a huge smile on your face and an even bigger smile on your wallet’s face.

[caption id="attachment_3597" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Zion's 2011 line up, available on early release."]Zion's 2011 line up, available for early release.[/caption]

SM: Though you’re a local company, a lot of your team base is in Colorado.  How'd that happen? Who rides for Zion down there?

WF: Yea, we somehow ended up with a bunch of guys from Colorado on our team. I guess it's because I have some good friends down there and things just went from there. We’ve got Floyd Ralph, Josh Stock and Chris Willett riding for ZION down in Breckenridge. We used to have Eric Willett until a little while ago. Kid is one of the best riders out there these days! Just got second in slopestyle at the X Games. Unfortunately, part of the small company curse is losing guys like this when bigger brands come along an offer them more. Super stoked that we were able to help him out along the way though and hyped to see him making it in the snowboard world!

SM: What is Zion all about, at a grassroots level?  What inspires the designs for the boards?

Zion Wonk ClintWF: ZION is all about having FUN with your FRIENDS. We’re not as concerned with the coolest trick of the season as we are with having fun riding with a bunch of your friends. Hey, if you have all your 10’s, that’s great, but if someone is doing Tindys and having a great time, that’s just as great!

In terns of graphics, we have some really great people on our design team and our head designer Brandon Wilson has some really rad ideas. We do our best to try and not worry too much what other brands are doing graphic wise – we try and have our own feel to our designs as much as possible while still keeping in touch with general trends in the industry. This year, we had Cindy Kinash as a guest designer for the 2011 WHOA MAN! We have a lot of fun with the LOST series, which features a person or creature that is lost. The idea came from a guy I used to work with at Option, Travis Bothner, and we have kept it going. We have featured a polar bear on the beach, parrots in the arctic, man golfing on the moon, penguins in the dessert, a yeti on roller skates, and, for 2011, it’s a bear taking a shower in the forest. Its super fun coming up with weird graphic ideas.

SM: A big thing with you is giving back to the world in some way.  What is the POP program and how does it work?

WF: I’ve always wanted to have my company help make people’s lives better. I didn’t really know how to do that for the longest time, but then I ran into Brian McConaghy from the Ratanak Foundation. I heard him give a speech about the brutality of child slavery – especially child sex slavery. I couldn’t get that speech out of my head for about a year. Finally, I just asked myself, what am I going to do about it? I decided that I would give a portion of what ZION makes to help rescue these kids that are forced into brutal situations. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if people could help change the world while they are out having fun? So basically by snowboarding, you can make the difference in a child’s life and help rescue them from slavery. It's all about the products you choose. There are a lot of good board brands out there. Why not choose a board that’s good like the other ones, but also makes a difference in the world?  A lot of companies are pushing the “green” theme and helping out the planet. I think this is really good and we all should be a part of that – that’s a given. I think it's even better to take it a step farther and help out the people that live on the planet. That’s how the name the POP Program was born. People of the Planet. You can also check out what Ratanak is all about. As the company grows, we aim to add other causes to support as well.

[caption id="attachment_3602" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="The only type of meth you should be tweakin. Clinton Cameron with a big method over the city."]The only type of meth you should be crackin. Clinton Cameron with a big method over the city.[/caption]

SM: Any last words?

WF: We’re doing something new this year that is pretty rad. We are releasing the 2011 snowboards early. If you order one by March 1, you will get your board by the  end of March or 1st week in April. We thought some of our customers would be stoked to be the first on the hill with 2011 product. You can check out our online shop for the details.

SM:  I'm all out of questions for you right now.  We're stoked to be able to get some of your 2011 line on the mountain in the next couple weeks for some demos.

WF: Thanks for the interview, Sam and thanks to Grouse Park – I appreciate the chance to share a bit about ZION Snowboards. Stoked on what you guys are doing at Grouse. Thanks for reading. Hope you guys are having fun out there this season – that’s what is all about.

Thanks to Hamish Baxter for getting the shots of Clinton Cameron this afternoon.

Pickles and Bananas

Ever seen a pickle rolling around the park? Sounds bizarre, but I have seen a lot more than usual lately and decided to look into these "Park Pickles". The Gnu Park Pickle is a 2010 board and it has an asymmetrical side cut which makes heelside turns much smoother. As I researched more about this board, I read a lot about how smooth frontside spins are because of this new technology(the sidecuts are deeper on the heelside). Also, aside from its name, it seems awesome on groomers and in powder. When compared to the Libtech Skate Banana, the verdict was that it was a bit stiffer, which was a good attribute and also that you didn't need as much preload and pop to hit some of those bigger features. All the reviews I read were positive for the "Park Pickle". So, if you're looking for a new snowboard and are unsure of what you want or need, the Gnu Park Pickle looks like a good choice. It seems like a very versatile snowboard that allows you to have all the freedom you'd like. [caption id="attachment_3576" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption=" "] [/caption]

See you around!


SIA 2010 Tradeshow

New product is awesome. So awesome in fact, that for a few days in Denver, the shred industry had a little party to show off all of next year's awesomeness. I can only wish I'd been there for it, but instead here is a post courtesy of Snowboard Mag that recaps what went down and what's coming out next year. Enjoy.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="2011 DC Outerwear. Photo courtesy of Snowboard Mag."]2011 DC Outerwear. Photo courtesy of Snowboard Mag.[/caption]

Gear Teaser!

Get stoked for new gear and another epic season, ladies and gentlemen! The SIA Convention has wrapped up in Denver, Colorado. For those of you who may have not heard of it, check this out.

Basically, it;s a massive teaser for all the newest gear droppin' next year! So far the companies repping our sport are doin an excellent job of it!

Keep it real Grouse!

Eric Beckstead

Liam Casey Reviews His 2010 Surface New Lifes

As many of you may know, Liam Casey is now a Surface team rider.  As he has just gotten the 2010 Surface New Lifes, I got him to tell us what he thought. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo - Scott Titterington"]Photo - Scott Titterington[/caption]

First Impressions

My first lap on these bad boys was down Couloir Extreme above Jersey Cream Chair on Blackcomb Mountain. I was pretty nervous at first as I have never skied on rockered skis in my life and this was one of or the steepest run on blackcomb. The conditions were soft which helped and after a few turns I got into the groove and ripped the rest of the bowl. WOOO so much fun! James Anderson and I ripped down to go up Glacier Chair and headed to good ol' spanky's ladder. We ripped Ruby Bowl twice and oh boy these skis were just a treat. I did a few 180s off cliffs and airs and was amazed how well riding switch was on these babies. I remember thinking "I should have fallen by now. What's going on?" but I hadn't. I have never skied that fast switch in powder before. It was as if I was if I was on a normal groomer... suuper easy. After this we met up with Andrew Pires, Zavier Vaillancourt, and Yu Sasaki (4frnt freeride slayer). We spent the rest of the day in CBC trees and my skis were allowing me to stomp cliffs, ride pow, hop pillows better than I have ever done. The rocker and the width on these allow you to land upright and not backseat so you are in more control and comfort. just like a groomer. Anyways that was my first day. I have never skied a better ski in my life and I had a grin from ear to ear all day.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="2010 Surface New Life"][/caption]

Groomers I knew that these were going to be able to slay pow like nothing, but I was worried how riding groomers was going to be like. To my surprise, these actually ripped! I was still able to lay down fast carves all the way to the next pow run. I was very pleased.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="482" caption="Performance Spec"]Performance Spec[/caption]

Flex The flex on these is quite stiff, just the way I like it. Actually, all the Surface skis are on the stiffer side. No noodles here.


They seem to be stronger than an ox, although I haven't had many days on these guys, so time will tell I guess. I haven't heard of any issues yet with them or any other skis in the line as of yet from the Surface Skis boys or anyone else.

Overall My overall impression on these beasts is simply wow. By far the best ski I've ever had the pleasure of riding. They make pow skiing a breeze forwards and switch. The rocker makes for great landings way more often. Really a nice solid, fun, ripping ski.

If you want to check these skis out or any other Surface skis, North Shore Ski and Board on Lonsdale carries the brand. Eliel Hindert (Surface Skis rider and rep) and crew will be in Whistler January 18th at TMC shop for you to demo them out. If you can't make it on that date, send Eliel a facebook message to demo a pair and I'm sure he can hook it up as he will be in Vancouver and Whistler a lot this season.

Thanks for reading.

Oakley NightJams #1 - December 18th

Oakley NightJams:

Back for another year, Oakley NightJams will be happening in our Parks on Friday nights throughout the season. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, guy or girl, young or old, come on out to win loads of prizing and have a good time!

The first one of the season is taking place this Friday, December 18th in the Paradise Park. Be there for 7pm to get entered into our Grand prize draw for a pair of Oakley goggles or shades.

This season there will be a different format. We will now be holding one event per month to build up the excitement between events. Photos, videos, and results will be posted on and, all captured by our resident blogospondents.

Each event will be hosted by a different local shop who will each bring a different flare, theme, format, and vibe to the night.

There is no entry fee. All you need to do is show up on the dates below between 7 - 9pm. In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize draw you must be wearing a helmet!


December 18
January 8
February 6
March 12
April 10**

**NOTE: The final event will take place on Saturday April 10th from 1pm-4pm.

New napKING Website: In Time for Christmas!

Hey all, You may have already started compiling your Christmas wish lists and such. Maybe you have the new Forza game for XBox, or a new tall hoodie, or a new setup, new googles etc. But what about your face!? What about all those chilly days on the hill with cloth 'danas that get frozen and never seem to stay on right, or leave little holes that fog up your goggles? No worries, pencil a napKING accessory onto that list of yours and hand it over to mom and/or dad...I mean, Santa, along with the link to the new website AND online shop!  For only $19.99, these sick facial accessories will a) make you more desirable to the opposite sex and b) not burn a hole in your wallet. Win win.

[caption id="attachment_2893" align="aligncenter" width="405" caption="Team Rider Spencer Watson Doubles Up!"]Team Rider Spencer Watson Doubles Up![/caption]

Big ups to Pat King!

Cheers, Samwise

Walrus Design: Let'em Have Fun Contest

walrus-header Hey folks!

For those of you that haven't heard, I've recently started my own clothing company.  I'm super stoked on this project finally taking off after a 3 year planning process.  Before you get the wrong idea and think this is a "Look at me!" post, let me say that Walrus Design has finally taken off and there's some hype around it.  The team is growing and it contains an impressive line up of riders too! Okay, now you can think that this is a "Look at me!" post.  However, I'm gonna make it worth your while.

This contest is specifically for the readers of  You've been reading all season, and we here at the site value that.  We'd have no jobs if you all didn't read what we had to write.  To show you that we feel the love, Walrus is giving out some shirts.  All you have to do is, as the title states, go have some good, clean, PG-rated fun.  Make a video or take a picture of you and your friends hanging out, going skating, singing along to Don't Stop Believing by Journey really loud or exchanging high fives.  Maybe all of the above!  If you're having a good time, I wanna see it.

All pictures MUST be in .jpeg format (if they're not, I'm not gonna look at them, sorry...I'm lazy.) and all videos must be posted on a vieo hosting somewhere on the interwebs (YouTube, Vimeo etc.).  You can email the pictures and links to Contest closes on May 18th, so get your submissions in before then. Top three submissions get gear and extras.  Now go have some fun!

[caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Left to Right: Nathan Jonas, Sam Masih (me), Shayan Aghourlikhani, Antosh Cimoszko and Michael "Giv'er" McClelland"]walrus-team[/caption]

Get your Walrus on!


Signal Snowboards - Rider Owned and Operated

I recently broke my thumb in practice at the Showdown Over the City so I've got a good week left to catch up on my blogging. First off, I wanted to announce that I'm more than stoked to be riding for Signal Snowboards and Celsius. Like an unfaithful boyfriend, I have been eyeing down the Signal website for the past few months, checking out the product at SIA in Las Vegas and have happily made the "board sponsor" transfer. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Evidence that the 156 Park Series can eat powder as well. R: Barry Hartman PH: Bryant Bell"][/caption]

I've been riding the 156 Signal Park deck for the past couple weeks and am really stoked. When it dumped, the thing floated ontop of powder. It's a solid park board that felt great on the 70-foot booter that Grouse Mountain built. The best thing about the Park Series is that you can find one for $400 since it's Signal's lowest priced deck.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Broken thumb FS 7 in the semis. Photo: Bryant Bell"]fs 7 showdown barry hartman by you.[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="FS pretzel. Photo: Bryant Bell"]front board showdown by you.[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Signal homie Tim Barker showin' how it's done. Photo: Bryant Bell"]9 by you.[/caption]

Grouse Mountain extended their closing until April 26th so don't pack in your shred anytime soon. With about three weeks left you can be sure the park crew will be on top of their game.




Hey everyone, this week is April Fools!!! So get in the spirit and go raid your moms closet and get on the tightest and brightest fitting one piece you can find! Get out those fanny packs, sunscreen and headbands!  Get into value village and get whatever you can find! We will be there all weekend giving out yellow flavoured snowcones to the best dressed!!!! Check it out!

Showdown update to come soon!


Think you can rep harder then Spencer Watson? Napking says prove it...

Hello! My good friend and fellow PYP member Pat King also runs a company called napKING. He is proud to announce the “Think you can rep harder then Spencer Watson?” Contest. So here is the deal, you submit a video to Pat himself of you repping something SUPER hard, doesn’t have to be napKING, just a video of you repping things super hard, the winner will get some 2010 product that NOBODY has seen yet. You don’t have to buy anything to enter this, grab a camera and go have some fun! Good luck everyone!



Random Rambles II

Hiya folks,  you know the drill. Fellow blogger Dan Jonas and I were able to get out paws on some 2010 Ride gear to take to Grouse mountain.  With the help of Rodrigo Caula, proprietor of Choice Apparel, and two femmes from Grouse's local J-Crew, Alice Gorton and Sydney Schram, we were able to test the Crush, Machete and DH on the men's side, and the Canvas and Compact on the women's side as well as a bunch of bindings and those crazy light boots.  Keep your eyes peeled for product reviews coming soon.

Speaking of Choice Apparel, the new product was shipped out last Wednesday and the line is officially launched as of March 11th.  If you haven't already done so, hit up the site and get your orders in via email at!

Some more Choice news.  Grouse Mountain pro team rider, Jenelle Pritchard is the first girl on the Choice team.  Yay!

It's been flaking kittens for the past week and that good ol' west coast snow is covering the mountains.  It's wet, it's heavy, and it's so much fun.  Get out and play in the trees, but don't slow down or get stuck.

Is it just me or is that quarter pipe amazingly fun?  Good job, park crew.

I currently have no park board due to base delamination.  Lucky for me, it's been pow so I've been able to get my 159 out of retirement.  Anyone wanna help me out with something a little/a lot smaller?

I'm going to be sitting down with the founder of Spacecraft Clothing, Stefan Hofmann, for an interactive interview this weekend.  For those that haven't heard, Spacecraft is an art project using clothing as a medium.  Go and check it out.  The product is sick and the art is even better.  They're currently based out of Bali and keep a grassroots feel to everything they do.  Pacific Boarder will be carrying the spring line, so make sure you go and take a look.  I'll have more on Spacecraft in the next couple days.

Shreddies for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,


Union Binding Company: 2010 Sneak Peek

The first year Union hit the snowboard scene, their bombproof bindings had a zero percent warranty return rate.  Entering their 5th season, their 2010 lineup remains an industry standard in strength and versatility.  Union isn't all hype either, there's a very good reason riders want to strap into a pair of their bindings.

The Tech

I'm a huge tech nerd.  When it comes to boards, bindings, boots, whatever, I want to know what all the tech means.  Leafing through tech profiles, it is apparent what sets Union apart from the rest.  First of all, their belief in their product quality is so high, that unlike other brands, they offer you a lifetime warranty on their gear.  Guaranteed you probably won't use it.  They're using industry firsts, such as magnesium and aluminum injected heelcups  for strength and injected EVA bushings to dampen vibrations while riding.  Their bindings also reduce the dead zone bindings create in the natural flex of the board. If you've ever mounted a pair of bindings, then taken them off after a season, you've noticed the wear mark on the board from the base of your bindings.  Try throwing on a pair of Unions.  Only 19% of the base is in contact with the board, eliminating a lot of the dead zone and allowing you to experience a lot more of the true flex of your board.

Union offers two shapes of highbacks.  Asymmetric/Symmetric highbacks distribute the force and stress on the highbacks out from the bottom of the highback to the outer edges near the top.   Multizone highbacks layer the design into three zones, each with its own strength to flex ratio, with the most strength located at the base and going up to a 50-50 split between strength and flex at the top.

The base structure is made to dampen vibrations.  It layers a solid, one piece fibreglass blend base with injected EVA and purethane bushings, followed by a durometer dampener to essentially eliminate dead zones.

Union was one of the first five companies worldwide to use injected magnesium for their heelcups.  When it comes to snowboarding, they are the only company to use this tech.  It results in a stronger and lighter heelcup, reducing the overall weight of the binding.  Their also use injected aluminum heelcups of most of their models, which are anodized after they come out of the mold.  Anodizing basically means that it's strong than straight up aluminum.  I'm switched my old heelcups to anodized injected aluminum  (thanks Dad!) when they broke and I've sh*t kicked them to the curb, but the heelcups still hold strong.  It makes a difference.

The Product

For those of you that I've bored with the tech, perk up.  Here's a sneak peek at the product.

The Force-MCs feature an asymmetrical carbon highback and magnesium hardware to ensure strength and resulting in one of the lightest bindings out there.

The Data features 3D molded ankle straps, aluminum heelcups and comes in a killer Rasta colourway. Next year also marks the first season Union is putting out a true pro model.

The Danny Kass is based off the Contact chasis and features carbon infused into the baseplate and highback.  Available in Danny's own Turbo colourway. 

Speaking of the Contact, this binding offers minimal board to binding contact and is designed to compliment reverse camber boards and their flex patterns and is exteremely lightweight.

This year, Union is also hitting the sustainable, enviro conscious maket with the Re-Union.  This binding is the same as the Cadet but uses recycled EVA and excess/byproduct materials left from the manufacture of the other bindings in the Union line.  Along with creating an amazing binding, they've also essentialy eliminated all nylon waste.  Couple this with the Capita Geen Machine and you've gotta yourself a hippiemobile on snow.

On the woman's end of things, the tech is the same, but the fitting is made for a woman's physique.

The Trilogy features a highback made specifically for a woman's calf, which is lower than a man's, provide a more comfortable fit.  It also has a woman's specific baseplate and a softer flex profile designed with a lighter weight rider in mind. 

The Milan is another woman's specific binder featuring an anatomic specific Multizone highback for more comfort and super cush padding that'll let you ride all day.

Keep your eyes peeled for Union on store shelves next September.  Thanks once again to Mikey Scott and Tony Lefroy for helping us get some of the product in the park for some reviews, which will be coming your way soon.

See you on the hill,


Ride Snowboards: Always DFC

The folks at Ride Snowboards have always been down for the cause (DFC).  They even took it as far as making it a limited line of DFC product for a couple seasons.  I was reading the early winter issue of Snowboard Canada and saw a letter published in the reader mail section.  This guy was saying that it seems like Burton is the only company to progress the sport.  Dear sir, Burton is making exclusive gear for their boards. Buy their boards, buy their bindings.  It's simple marketing.  EST isn't progressing anything. But I digress. All I have to say to this guy is look into Ride.  2009 isn't done yet, but the upcoming 2010 line up from Ride contains more tech than a full 4 year engineering degree.  The theme for the line up is light. As in lightweight. Be prepared to get your mind blown by the little things and the big things Ride is doing to make riding more fun for everyone.


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="257" caption="Ride Insano featturing BlownLight Meta soles and Closer lacing system"]Ride Insano featturing BlownLight Meta soles and Closer lacing system[/caption]

Select boot models, namely the Insano, RFL and FUL for men and the Cadence for women, for the upcoming season contain ultralight blown insoles.  Traditional soles take rubber and compress it into a mold, compressing the rubber and making it dense.  BlownLight Meta soles have a shell of full phylon (read: super light!) injected with foam in select pockets, leaving room for a support shim in the arch and a super cush gel pad for your nimble heels.  What's more, they've got ice picks of hardened plastic under the toes for making hiking the park easier.  In terms of liners, they've done away with the ankle strap and put velcro on the tongue, so it just stick in place. Simple, fast, light and snug.  They've also profiled their liner to their boot, using contact points to attach the liner to the boot for a better fit, less heel lift, and, best of all, a light, comfortable feeling that'll make you think you're walking on water.  The Closer system on Boa Coiler boots ensure that the force along the lace line is spread evenly, giving you a tight, comfortable fit all the way down to your toes.  For you picky people, there is a Focus Boas system on the men's Crew boot.


How wide is your stance?  If you're like me, it's full maxed out.  Looks good, makes some tricks easier, but also spells the death of your knees.  Not with the new Ride binders!  They've cantered footbeds, angled towards the center of your board.  They come in a variety of degrees for a fully customizable stance.  Try the Wedgie 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 or 4.0. Check your degrees, son.  Also, the Contrabands are back this year as Nitrane Contrabands, fetureing a gel V-net between the forked opening.  It looks good, and it provides extra grip on your boot to make it fit nice and snug into the bindings.  Who thought Wedgies could be this comfortable?  Also available on women's bindings. Oh yea, did I mention the women's Bandita Contrabands? No web toes on these yet, try back in a couple seasons.  For the guys out there looking for a truly unique looking bindings, Ride has the EX for you in the Franken colourway.  No single piece is the same colour. EVER!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Left: Men's EX and Nitrane Contraband. Right: Women's Bandita Contraband"]Left: Mens EX and Nitrane Contraband. Right: Womens Bandita Contraband[/caption]

Boards, Boards, Boards

Last season, Ride featured their Lowrise rocker on one DFC model board, the Crush.  This season, the DFC line has been done away with, and the Crush is going on the main line.  You've seen boarding companies do art collaborations with huge LA firms for limited edition bards.  Ride took their art team to the poorest elementary school art program in Seattle and got Pam Neithercott's 3rd period grade 7 art class to draw a mythical creature consisting of two other animals.  The results can bee seen on the top sheet of the Crush...BUT! only when it gets cold.  That's right kids, the top sheet is a blank piece of lined paper at room temperature, but drop that deck in the cold and the ink changes colour and the prints are visible in black.  Mood Changing Inks!? Legit collab!?  High five!  All proceeds from the collaboration go to Danny Way Middle School.  Speaking of Mood Changing Inks, the Ride Kink also features this tech.  Solid colour it your house, fully inked on the hill.  Also featuring the Membrain topsheet, so light, it's almost paper thin!

The big news for this season is the Ride Machete, featuring Lowrise Rocker.  This board is couples rocker with a Blenz sidewall for a hook free ride.  The top sheet was desgined by the folks at Morning Breath Inc. and is influenced by grafiti culutre, creating an intense pop art/street graf fusion.  You could frame it and stick it in a art gallery when you're not riding it.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Ride x Morning Breath Inc. bring Brooklyn to you"]Ride x Morning Breath Inc. bring Brooklyn to you[/caption]

The DH2 is back this year with matching plaid Ltd edition Contrabands.  The big news with the DH2 are the limited edition DH2's.  No one knows what these boards are going to look like.  Shops are going to have to order all three versions without even so much as a sneak peek.  The DH2.1, 2.2 and2.3 are slated to be released on Oct.1, Nov.1 and Dec.1, respectively.  This one time release graphic is sure to be sick, but the only issue lies in which will be the sickest.  I'm collecting wagers all summer. $50, 7:1 odds that it's DH2.2. Also features Membrain.

The women's line also feautres a Lowrise rocker on the all new Compact with Membrain topsheet.  How else do you think that sparkle on the topsheet is possible?  Lowrise is also on the Canvas, a full Ride/Matix collaboration.  The complete kit features the Sigma MVMNT binding and Cadence boot, all in a matched out colourway.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="218" caption="Left to Right: The Machete, Compact and Crush"]Left to Right: The Machete, Compact and Crush[/caption]

True to form, the folks at Ride stuck to their world renowned die cut bases. To change it up next season, Ride put solid graphics on the bases then overlayed them with die cut patterns which are semi transparent.  Bascially, it's a front to back artistic bonanza.

There you have it.  A quick overview of Ride's lineup.  Jason and Myrosha were nice enough to give me a tour of the showroom and let me take a few pictures.  Thanks a lot guys! They are also hooking us up with some product to test out, so we'll be better able to inform you on a bunch of park boards, bindings and those super light boots!  Stay tuned for the reviews from Dan Jonas, Alice Gorton and yours truly.

Let the kids ride for free,


Capita Snowboards: Super Scary Corporation

Capita has been on the up and up since 2000.  This Seattle-based company currently has one of the sickest teams in the industry, featuring the  likes of Danny Kass, Dan Brisse and TJ Schenider, to name a few.  Capita created a lot of hype last season with their late release Horrorscope FK and had people raving about this soft park board.  Just ask fellow blogger Dan Jonas, he'd probably marry his Horrorscope if it was a girl.  Recently, I was able to talk to Mikey Scott, Marketing Manager for Capita and Union in Canada.  Capita is sticking to the saying that you don't change a good thing... unless you're making it even better, and that's exactly what they've done.  The line up is super diverse and covers all your riding needs. The big news for next year are the Green Machine FK and the Charlie Slasher Pow FK.  This season, the Horrorscope featured Park FK, which kept the base flat between the bindings, reverse camber to the the effective edge and flat kick tips.  This tech is featured on their Green Machine, which features a sustainable core to make construction more eco-friendly.  If there's anything us Canadians like, it's eco-friendliness.  Next season will mark the introduction of Pow FK, which is featured on the Charlie Slasher.  This keeps the base flat from effective egde to effective edge then goes up into flat kick tips, to give the board more lift on those epic "I'm stuck in waist deep pow!" days... except you won't be stuck with this deck.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Park FK on top, Pow FK on the bottom"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="247" caption="Keeping it hippie conscious! The fine print says Mother Earth thanks you"][/caption]

Capita has also extended the number of boards that now feature Park FK.  Decks that feature this tech include the Indoor Survival, previously my favourite Capita board with traditional camber, Horrorscope, Green Machine and Space Metal Fantasy for women.  Needless to say, I'm super stoked on the Indoor Survival FK.  All these decks look sick., but don't take my word for it, judge for yourselves!

In addition to all the FK boards, the keystone Stairmaster and Stairmaster Extreme decks are back.  As some of you may know, the Horrorscope is based off the Stairmaster series.  It's basically a FK Stairmaster, which explains why Stairmaster doesn't feature FK. That's just be silly and redundant.  The Stairmaster Extreme in particular is looking amazingly rad with it's tabloid collage influenced art work and screen printed base.  Let this board be a reminder to all you wanna be rockstars.  Keep your clothes on and you'll stay off the front page.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Tried, tested and true, the Stairmaster Extreme is back"][/caption]

Mikey and Tony are also letting us grab a few decks off them to test THIS WEEK!  The tests will be dropping on Wednesday, so if any of these decks look interesting to you, and they should, be sure to check back soon, as we will have have some feedback for you and even some video footage of how they ride.  We even have the lovely Alice Gorton helping us out with the women's boards, for you ladies out there.

Cheers without the beers,