Burton Boys: Mikey Rencz and Mikkel Bang's Day Off Up Grouse.

Mikkel Bang & Mikey Rencz hit up Grouse Mountain for some sunny hit runs on their 'off day' from sledding. Mikey Rencz everybody.Altitudes Ceasers

Started the day with some much needed caesars..

Beauty Day

MikeyyMikkel Is 'fascinated' by the Wind Turbine

Mikkel was hyped to take a day off filming Whistler backcountry to ride Grouse Mountain for the first time. He celebrated with first try backflips on all the jumps in the Quik Park.

Burtons Mikey Rencz and MTVs Amanda Scheller

Mikey Rencz and Amanda Scheller are hyped. Mikey lead way on a super fun hit run running from Heavans Sake - Deliverance - Skyline.


MB and CV

Mikkel is 'fascinated' with the wind turbine(commenting on its slight movements in broken English).

Gang Hang



New Snow!

There has been a lot of softer snow in the park these days, it's real mellow! Here are a couple shots from last weeks shredding in the Quiksilver park. The set ups and conditions have been prime lately, nice and soft!

Trees looking awesome after some new snow.

The fun Double Shotgun bank at the end of the day.

All of this snow is going to make great conditions for spring riding....cant wait!


CV – Grouse Park Playlist 5 – Diet Bones

Take out your trumpet, its March: Playlist 5 – Diet Bones , a mix of slow but.. upbeat tunes. Perfect for all the sunny miracle march fast laps that are about to go down. Sip on some diet dew and shake some bones, its go time.

Stream or share here: Playlist 5 – Diet Bones by Caley Vanular. Look for more Grouse Park Playlists coming up on the Grouse Park Grooveshark page.



  1. Dead mans bones - loose your soul
  2. Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew
  3. Little Dragon - Ritual Union
  4. First Air Kit - When I grow up
  5. Thee oh sees - Warm Slime
  6. Fitzgerald and The Tantrum - Money Grabber
  7. Grimes - Vanessa
  8. Beirut - Santa Fe
  9. Animal Collective - My Girl
  10. The Joy Formidiable - the greatest light is the greatest shade
  11. Flight Facilities - Crave you ft. Giselle




Throwback - Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is a bowse. He was one of the first guys to push it in freestyle snowboarding. He has one of the best methods out of any rider who has ever strapped in. Check out this these clips of some of his first snowboard movie parts in Project 6, Meltdown Project and TB2. I had Project 6 on VHS tape and played it over and over until it didn't play any more. I was studying his method to try and figure out how to do one as good as him. I still am. Short clip from Jamie's part in Project 6 circa 1994 - check out the headcam shots... he had to wear a back pack with the recorder in it!

Jamie in Melt Down Project circa 1995 - check out the dope method at 0:40

Jamie in TB2 circa 1992 - Jamie was known for shredding without gloves - look for 270 on at 1:19


24 Hours of Shred

Grouse Mountain is running the annual 24 Hours of Winter a.k.a 24 Hours of Shred. This is always a good time. They pack the weekend with good events and this year is no exception. Here are few shredtivities to look out for:

  • Terrain Parks: Non-stop Sat-Sun Park Jam 11pm – 1am Park Jam will be open to all amateurs skiers and snowboarders from 11pm to 1am.
  • DC Booth: DC Booth will be located in the North East area of the Canadiana Room! Come and grab some cash in the Money Booth and redeem your earnings for prizing!
    9am Saturday to 12pm Sunday
  • DC Scavenger Hunt: Find the DC frisbees hidden all around the mountain and redeem them for a prize at their booth! Check Twitter and Facebook for clues!
  • Altitudes After Dark Deck Party: We are tenting the Altitudes deck to create the perfect spot to party all night! With a beautiful view of the city, the Altitudes deck party will play host to DJ Hebejebe until 4am, and there will be prizes to be won. Take a break from the hills, listen to some music and get ready to hit the slopes again at sunrise!
I'll be up tonight riding the park and rocking my new playlist. Have a good 24 Hours of Shred!

Grouse Park Playlist 4 - Paparazzi

Stream Grouse Park Playlist #4A playlist is like a recipe. You need to put in the right ingredients and the right amount of each ingredient or else whatever you are cooking is going to come out tasting like crap. I listen to music every time I ride. The tracks a play depend on what I'm riding. When I am riding rails in the park I am more likely to listen to Hip Hop and Remixes. If it is a powder day I will probably put on some Indie or Classic Rock. I put this playlist together for riding Grouse Park to keep you moving. I worked on the recipe simmering a bunch of Electro Pop and Indie sounds, adding some new and old tracks for flavour and a dash of Remixes to give it the right texture.

  1. Heartbeats (Extended Mix)  - Grum
  2. Devil's Work - Miike Snow
  3. Strictly Game (Kid's at the Bar Remix) - Harlem Shakes
  4. I Want You - Summer Camp
  5. Oh Yeah (Nighty Max Remix) -  Housse Da Racket
  6. Shuffle on a Dream - Little Dragon
  7. Fail Forever - When Saints Go Marching
  8. Not In Love (ft. Robert Plant) - Crystal Castles
  9. Staring At The Sun (TV On The Radio - Diplo
  10. The Drummer - Niki and the Dove
  11. NY Is Killing Me - Gil Scot-Heron ft. Jamie xx
  12. Embrace - Pnau ft. Ladyhawke
  13. Heartbeat (Chase and Status Remix) - Nneka
  14. Household Goods - Totally Enormous Dinosaur
  15. Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Death from Above 1979
  16. Gothstar - Pictureplane

Listen, stream and share the Grouse Park playlist #4 - Paparazzi here.

Our next playlist will be songs that we play in the park. You asked for it on Facebook and we will bring it to you here on grousepark.com. Have fun at 24 Hours this weekend!


Roxy Ride Days: Coming to Grouse Mountain!


Saturday, February 4th. 2012

Come on out and have some fun with Roxy Ride Days Canadian Tour at Grouse Mountain! Learn new tricks, meet new friends and have a blast spending the day snowboarding with the WSF Roxy coaching team. Join in on a fun progressive day on the hill filled with park coaching sessions, mini jam comps and prize giveaways!

Open to all ages & abilities!

  • Learn new tricks
  • Receive a gifts from Roxy
  • Tons of prizes
  • Demo the latest snowboards from Roxy
  • Ride with friends
  • Lunch included


Saturday, February 4th. 2012

9:00 – 10:o0 am: Registration & Warm Up

10:00 – 10:30 am: Group Coaching Session: Intro to Freestyle Riding

10:30 – 12:30 pm: Coaching Sessions: Jumps, Rails, Boxes

12:30 – 1:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 – 3:30 pm: Mini Jams: Game of R.O.X.Y. – JIB JAM

4:00 – 4:30 pm: Prizes & Wrap up


$50.00+ Lift Ticket.

Includes Lunch & Roxy Gift Bag!

REGISTRATION LINK: http://shredsisters.com/blog/roxy-ride-days-events/roxy-ride-days-british-columbia/register

For Roxy Snow info, visit: www.roxy.com Twitter: @roxy #RoxyCanada


See you out there!

- CV

Ski Tracks App Review

"Dood I swear I was going 100kph on that last run." "No you weren't dood." Now, thanks to the Ski Tracks app for iPhone, this dispute can be settled easily. The Ski Tracks app for iPhone is an advanced GPS app that tracks and records many different stats while you are riding. Including; top speed, avg speed, total vertical feet, vertical feet per run, # of runs, where you ride and more. [caption id="attachment_5113" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="Ski Tracks & the Tracks Screen"][/caption]

Ski Tracks app

  • Cost: $1.99 or FREE for the Lite version
  • Cool Factor: Pretty Cool
  • Functional Factor: Very Good - you can track where you go so you can keep from getting lost
  • Freestyle Factor: Pretty Low - it doesn't track air time or rotations
  • Website: www.corecoders.com

[caption id="attachment_5115" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="If my freind Joe had this app a few years ago, he wouldn't have gotten lost, spent two nights off the back Cypress, and he would still have all his toes. "][/caption]

The interface is easy to use and the many functions are fun to play with. You can save different tracks from different mountains and view these tracks in either satellite, standard or track mode(which looks like sonar). The app can also be used to track how many park runs you get in a session and with the Altitude & Speed screen you can see when you picked up speed and when you slowed down graphed over the whole session(see image above). In 'Settings' you can toggle back and forth between metric and imperial so that you can review your elevation and vertical skied in feet and speed in kilometers. This is actually the one drawback to the app because Canadians tend to refer to height in feet and speed in kilometers and you cannot set each of these independently. The other drawback, mentioned earlier, is not tracking airtime, rotations or amount of time spend on rails. ;)

One of my favourite things to do with the app is Freeracing. Which is kinda like Freeskiing or Freestyling except its racing. Here is how you play:

  1. Get a group of friends together and download the Ski Tracks app
  2. Turn the app on
  3. Pick a run
  4. Race it*
  5. Pull out you iPhones at the bottom of the chairlift and see who clocked the top speed

[caption id="attachment_5114" align="alignnone" width="504" caption="Winner winner chicken dinner. Brad hit 98kph."][/caption]

*Grouse Mountain is making a concerted effort to promote safe skiing and boarding. So make sure you pick an appropriate run to race on.

Overall I give the Ski Tracks app 4 out 5 Highfives.


January - Wanted List

      • Nike: Zoom Force 1 - Dark Obsidian


        Above is the first of a monthly Wanted List I plan to post here on the Grouse Park blog. This month I am feeling a real-life-boarding vibe. Starting with an oversize starter jacket paired with a mellow plaid shirt for the mild park days we were having up until recently. With that, the Electric EG 2.5’s – a smaller version of the original EG 2’s, great for anyone with a smaller face.  After that is a Japanese leather Macbook case - for travelers, students and employed; replacing the need for a backpack. Finally a pair of amazingly supportive Nike boots and a Capita FK, a 2012 Transworld good wood winner and one of my favourites for park and powder days.




        Snow in the City!

        North Vancouver is a gold mine for handrails, but since we rarely get snow these rails don't often see any action. Well we finally had some snow fall last night so Trint Thomas (newest Endeavor Am), Jeremy Cox and myself got down to work right away before the snow melted. We set up a 14-flat-11 stair down-flat-down. It's a rail in my neighborhood that I've been looking to ski for the last couple of years. Video clips to come, but for now here's some behind the scenes shots from the session.

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Jeremy getting the shot."][/caption]

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Trint about to drop in."][/caption]