The Cut XL Jump Line

Rating: XL

The Cut XL Jump Line, found on skiers’ left of The Cut. In this park we have an XL down rails and 3-4 XL jumps in a row. The last jump in the line leads back into the second half of the Quiksilver Terrain park, so you won’t miss out on getting a few more rails in on your run.

ThE PARK FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE Quiksilver Terrain Park

Rating: M, L, XL

Our Quiksilver Park Zone is built for intermediate and advanced riders who have moved beyond the Paradise Jib Park and are looking to take their skills to the next level. Nearly one kilometre in length, this zone is located on Side Cut. In prime seasons, this zone features numerous line options and endless combinations. The Quiksilver Terrain Park also acts as a practicing zone for some of Vancouver’s best riders and skiers.

Paradise Jib Park

Rating: S-M

Located in the Paradise Bowl, the Paradise Jib Park is our early season zone that gets the season started while the Quiksilver Park and Jump Line are being built up. This zone will consist of a variety of jibs and a small jump. Typically the Paradise Jib Park will be in operation until early February.